The pleasure to taste a good… trip – part 2

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Culinary tourism, food tourism, foodies, culinary tourists, cooking classes, street food, farmers’ market… these ones are the emerging topics of touristic market. They are included in a new trend developing over the years and well connected with worldwide economies, especially with those of minor destinations. Returning to the marketing citeria of some time ago <span “=”” href=”” title=”You can find the article in the Marketing Services section of your Private Area.”>(see “Luxury Travel and Marketing for travel agencies” article), here we focus on a cutting-edge and worlwide charmed topic: tourism and food, a phenomenon in which trips are chosen by hearth and by belly.

What kind of destinations and attractions is the food tourist interested in?

The food tourist is not only interested in extraordinary restaurants or top cooking. Culinary tourism includes many aspects that makes the trip experience unique: from the social context to the taste until the homeland traditions. If you want to make the right choice, Italy and France are the worldwide top culinary destinations. Here cafés, restaurants, stands, street food satisfy also the most demanding palates so that taste, glee and refinement dominate all the trip long. Capitals such as San Francisco and New York are well-known for their wide offer: from 5 stars restaurants to illegal cafés, from hot-dogs eaten in the streets until shrimps cocktails tasted in luxurious locations. Asia and Middle-Oriental, Central and South America are emerging destinations. Barbecue, sandwiches, hot dogs, mollusks, chili, tacos, shrimps cocktails, spices, sauces and many other dishes enrich American streets and places as well as the Continent touristic offer to identify with the inhabitants customs and traditions. Also the Asiatic Continent enjoys an infinite culinary offer suitable at the same time to the most fearless and the most traditionalist people. Georgetown, Penang, Bangkok offer spicy soups, pork in crust with rice, salads, street food and many other recipes of traditionally cooked local products.

Kinds of offer: experts suggestions

Adding the Food&Wine component it’s not enough to arrange culinary trips: travelers interested in this kind of travel are looking for something new, different and educational. That’s why culinary tourism gives travel agents the opportunity to differentiate their offer from the others one: if you suggest destinations where cooking is the trip added value, it is more probable that the customers will come back in your agency to choose other destinations. To start, it’s not necessary to look for new customers: it’s enough promoting and informing your current clients about your agency new arranging abilities. In this way you’ll make your job easier, discovering their tastes: do they like tasting different food from the everyday one? Would they like attending culinary classes or simply eating in famous restaurants? Are they fascinated by street food or do they prefer visiting cellars or farms? These details help the travel agent in offering the best solutions as well as in promoting his activity, increasing the clientele. You can also think about arranging small groups tours. About this we remind you that 6tour offers the possibility to book until 5 quadruple rooms, to rent cars and to book guides in the leading cities until a maximum of 8 people. Finally, the ideal offer also includes culinary events: music and cook art events, international exhibitions, local markets are the attractions which let your package gain value, satisfing your customers.

Countries, cities and food: the best food travel bloggers classifications

In the end, if you know the Countries customs and traditions you can discover the culinary quality. A study of GFK, the international Company that makes market researches all over the world, has drafted this infographic to understand the people attitude to the cousine. Have a look at it, it could be useful to suggest your customers.

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