Which is the best marketing for a travel agent?

Monday, 21 December 2015

In America, in the late 1980s The Guns’n Roses pressed “Welcome to the jungle” a song that also today is so current mainly in the economic and tourism world.
Day by day the dynamics change, the way of communicating and stay in the market change with new rules and fights for offers, mainly in the web.

When the going gets tough, the tough get goin

It’s there that marketing plays a leading role to create a good positioning for you and for your Agency. In this article we collect 7 tricks to not waste energies.

  1. Although the leading function of the travel agent is the ability in arranging each kind of excursion it is suggested to focus on few and specific targets so they could be fruitful from an economic point of view and let differentiate your company from the competitors.
  2. One of the secret is to aim for your target retention in order to have a clientele that both buys from you and creates a positive word of mouth in its entourage, this one also belonging to your reference target.
  3. The web is an excellent way to amplify your communication and to keep on being different from the competitors, rather than to oppose the B2B booking portals.
  4. Update your website both in the content and in the graphic. If you think that your target could appreciate it, it would be great if your website was also designed to interact with your audience.
  5. Each website section should satisfy the needs and solve the problems your prospect, maily before they come to your Agency.
  6. References are always more important: a brief comment video from your customers on Youtube could surely simplify your promotion.
  7. Social media help not only your advertising activities but also to increase the “brand reputation” of your Agency and your staff. So, let your website pages interact with your social ones to increase the potential engagement of your prospect and of other secondary  targets.

Maybe you already know these tricks but sometimes launching a topic means new ideas generation.

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