East Mediterranean Destinations – Egypt

Monday, 21 December 2015

The east Mediterranean destinations

20150525-mediterraneanmap2In this special issue we talk about the Mediterranean coasts, about its beauty and its safety too. We will study all Countries where we have added availabilities and here we will focus in particular on the east area of the Mediterranean sea. Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt: a leap in different Countries which share their sea exotic heat.

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Egypt, lapped at north by the Mediterranean sea, was the Egyptian culture cradle, one of the oldest, most complex and most fascinating of the world. Its beaches have clearest waters, perfect to dive and to snorkel.
Travel style: sea, marine excursions
On the Mediterranean coasts the winter is very temperate: it seems more like a middle season (with winter maximum temperatures around 17/18°C and minimum ones around 10°C) during which there could be scarce rains. The summer is long, hot, sultry, sunny and toned down by marine breezes (maximum temperatures around 30°C). It is recorded a particularly high humidity in the Nile delta area.
Best period: July- October
Mediterranean sea temperature is hot and it makes you experiencing beach stays all the summer and the autumn long.
Safety: pay attention
It is suggested to visit Egypt only in Sharm el-Sheik area, on the Red Sea continental coast, in the High Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea touristic areas. The Country still records instability and tumultuousness events that put in danger the safety. See more information on your governative website.

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