East Mediterranean Destinations – Montenegro

Monday, 21 December 2015

The east Mediterranean destinations

20150525-mediterraneanmap2In this special issue we talk about the Mediterranean coasts, about its beauty and its safety too. We will study all Countries where we have added availabilities and here we will focus in particular on the east area of the Mediterranean sea. Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt: a leap in different Countries which share their sea exotic heat.

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Montenegro is in the central Mediterranean area, it is part of the Balkan peninsula and it is exposed to the Adriatic sea. The Montenegro coast is 300 kilometers long, extending between Croatia and Albania and offering suggestive touristic destinations for summer holidays. One among many ones is the Bay of Kotor area, deep inlets which penetrate the coast for 28 kilometers and they represent the Mediterranean greatest fiord.
Travel style: sea, nature, excursions.
Montenegro weather is Mediterranean on the coasts and gradually more continental towards the inland. On the coasts the weather is temperate and rainy in autumn, winter and spring: hot, sunny and toned down by breezes in summer.
Best period: May – September
The summer is the best season for beach life, especially in July and August, although some short afternoon temporals cannot be excluded. In Pogdorica, the capital, the summer is very hot and the temperature can reach 40°C. In the mountain areas, on the other hands, the summer is the perfect season for walkings and excursions.
Safety: green light
The Country is exposed to international terrorism attacks, as most countries worldwide, but there are not particular warnings. See more information on your governative website.

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