New Trends in Business Travel

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Travelling for business has always been a need. If we consider the current economic trend, the International recession and the growing internationalization as the phenomenon answer, here a new scenario is taking shape. This will put to the test the field Operators as well as the Companies themselves which make their staff travelling.

According to the leading field newspapers, we are attending to a gradual change in the way of travelling for business, that involves tourists lifestyles in addition to the Company efficiency.

Let’s try summarizing here below the leading scenarios.

1. Less budget, more return on investments (R.O.I.)

Each company constant task is to optimize their economic return on investments, even more if the costs concern trips. Considered a necessary element for the business success (especially for the International business), business travel budgets are growing little by little although the great drop from 2009. This is told in its reports by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and we have the proof of it in our daily work.

Trips ROI maximization is an important data to identify the first change signals requested to the operators: the maximum result desired by the business Client is, in fact, generating an an always wider and more structured offer, a growth of specialized professionalism, as much niche as bigger the Company is.

SME travel following quite defined methods: short-term, good connection quality-price, working hours maximization. We will study later medium-big Companies trend.

2. More openness towards digital communication alternatives

Many Companies have decreased trips amount preferring, if possible, digital alternatives. First of all the videoconference.

This means that the professional has less possibilities to sell trips and holiday packages, and he has to satisfy the client offering services and consultations which strenghten the results expected by Companies and by the staff on the road.

3. Transfer typologies change: the business tourism birth

Although the leading “reason why” of business travel is taking part to events, congresses and meetings (MICE), trip modalities are changing. According to the International Trade Centre, in fact, a new trend is growing: that of business tourism.

“Business travel turnover corresponds to the 9% of International trips” explains the Centre “and Business Tourism is defined as the lucrative activities organized during business trips. Business tourists are less sensitive to the price factor and they spend nearly twice as much as traditional leisuretourists. Their purchase decisions are influenced especially by an efficient use of free-time among business appointments”.

The economic potentialities behind this new tourism field are so high that they get together with also two new business trips features:

  • investments maximization ensures that trips themselves include the maximum concentration of appointments and longer stay periods as a result.
  • 2/3 of business travellers try to extend their business travel duration as much as they can in the weekends or in the following days with a leisure stay.  Business + leisure = bleisure travel!
  • a growing number of business tourists takes with them the family, giving the operator the possibility to arrange a double offer that includes stays and transfers for the different types of users.

4. Destinations gradual change: here a list of the most attractive business destinations

Differently from the big destinations registered until now, from 2016 we expect a business trips growth towards Countries with an higher rate of economic growth. But paradoxically those are also the ones with an higher risk. GTBA (Global Business Travel Association) mentions:

  1. Singapore, that triumphs for its financial market
  2. Israel, famous for its great biotechnology growth
  3. Taiwan, known for its technological field
  4. Peru, from this year until 2018 it will house 6 important International events mainly based on Latin America food and medical development.
  5. Vietnam, whose economy records a 7% increase every year and the touristic industry itself is making great strides.
  6. Colombia, where the medium-class wealth is growing and, as a result, also the economic stability. For 2018 it is expected its entrance in the OCSE.
  7. Mexico, where the same GTBA will house its Worldwide congress. The Country is not safe at all, but anyway there are recovery signals.
  8. India, where cultural and economic divergencies among different areas are still evident, but they are accompanied by a constant improvement.

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