2017 New Year’s Eve: some ideas for trips

Thursday, 15 September 2016

As every year, there can be very different destinations to spend New Year’s Eve: from mountain to sea destinations, from Capitals to small cities. Here we will talk about the most popular and bizzarre destinations of last year so every Travel Agent can be inspired to satisfy his Clients’ requests.

The most booked cities for 2016 New Year’s Eve

  1. London (UK)
  2. Dubai (UAE)
  3. Rome (Italy)
  4. Vienna (Austria)
  5. Prague (Czech Republic)
  6. New York (USA)
  7. Bracelona (Spain)
  8. Paris (France)
  9. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  10. Florence (Italy)

Other destinations booked for last New Year’s Eve

  1. Coatzacoalcos (Mexico)
    Port’s city on the wonderful Mexico’s gulf.
  2. San José (Costa Rica)
    Capital of the Country where culture and entertainment accompany the latin-American traditions of this land.
  3. Palm Beach (Aruba)
    This is the perfect destinations for those fond of sea and relax. Clear waters and white sands, all the necessary for a paradisiacal stay.
  4. Baku (Azerbaijan)
    Capital of the Country, it is one of the oldest and gretest city of the East.
  5. Nürnberg (Germany)
    Nürnberg is one of the most liveable and full of life city of the German Bavaria.
  6. Atlantic City (USA)
    Famous for its casino, its beaches on the Ocean and its great touristic attractiveness.
  7. Arequipa (Perù)
    It is the second gretest city of the Country, thanks to the position it is a perfect starting point towards nature’s marvels that surround it.
  8. San Miguel de Abona (Spain)
    Little Spanish district in Tenerife’s island. Mainly surrounded by an agrarian landscape, it is rich of history, simplicity and good weather.
  9. Magny-le-Hongre (France)
    Little French district that houses some structures of Disneyland Paris.
  10. Amed (Indonesia)
    One of the most touristic villages of Bali bay. It is a touristic place but, at the same time, it still keeps its natural territories and the relax that tourists are looking for once arrived on site.

The most booked bizzarre destinations for last New Year’s Eve

  1. Vantaa (Finland)
    Close to Helsinki, tourists can enjoy long walks on the river and wonderful historical monuments, together with avantgarde and innovative architectures.
  2. Loreto (Italy)
    Little district famous in Italy maily for its religious side, it offers breath-taking glimpses and the culture of the small nearby districts, as Recanati, native country of the famous poet Giacomo Leopardi.
  3. Cartagena de Indias (Columbia)
    For those fond of sea, beach and literature.
  4. Coimbra (Portugal)
    Castled on Mondego’s river, Coimbra is famous for its prestigious University, one of the oldest in Europe.
  5. Haad Yao (Thailand)
    Paradisiac district characterized by white sands and clear waters. It is another destination suggested for those fond of relax and warmth.
  6. Kiruna (Sweden)
    This is the most northern city of the Country. Built only at the beginning of XX century, it is worth to be visited because polar nights during New Year’s Eve period give the possibility to enjoy breath-taking northern lights.
  7. Viñales (Cuba)
    Considered the ecological paradise of Cube, it is perfect for those fond of nature. The surrounding valley has become an important touristic centre and, at the same time, it keeps the typical tranquility and atmosphere of those mountain little cities but also of small nucleus in Latin America.
  8. Speyer (Germany)
    It is famous for the medieval tradition and for its old pilgrimages. The duomo is one of the highest of the World.
  9. Whangarei (New Zealand)
    It is the most northern city of the Country. Here the winter is mild and the landscapes offer breath-taking glimpses on uncontaminated places. Beaches, waterfalls, bays and natural routes for those fond of them.
  10. San Gimignano (Italy)
    Little Tuscany’s village that has been declared Humanity Heritage for the characteristic medieval architecture of its historical centre.

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