Dubai, a city born from the dust

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dubai, one of the leading destinations of the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2016 and of the 6tour Top Destination Trend 2017, is a city born from the dust. The capital of one of the seven emirates composing the United Arab Emirates, was once a small village of fishermen in the desert.

«Observing the today’s Dubai, a city that spreads like wildfire in the desert, full of gleaming towers that make it a real modern monument, it is hard to imagine that everything was born from a small fishing village», writes the Society for Tourism, Trade and Marketing of Dubai.

The same society has developed the “Touristic Vision of Dubai for 2020”, «a strategic plan of action with the key goal of attracting 20 million visitors within the 2020, doubling the 2012 number». In three years in fact, Dubai will host the Expo 2020. By the way, this year, 2017, the World Expo will take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Dubai, the old town

A history lasting a thousand years, that of Dubai. To honor the city, we do not start from the skyscrapers that draw the skyline, but from Al Fahidi, also known as Bastakiya, the area where the oldest buildings and the historical sites of the city are located: «A tour of this neighborhood, will give you a unique glimpse on the past of Dubai, between the traditional wind towers, the busiest gardens and the mazy windy alleys».

In the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, there is the Museum of Dubai, where you will find «dioramas and colorful exhibits that describe the everyday life in the days before the discovery of oil» and «local evidences from several archaeological sites dating back to the third millennium BC».

Dubai, culture and lifestyle


The area also hosts the Center for Cultural Understanding of the Sheikh Mohammed (SMCCU), whose mission is «to allow tourists to learn more about the culture and traditions of the UAE».

About culture and traditions of the UAE, the web page of Visit Dubai, the official website of the Society for Tourism, Trade and Marketing of Dubai, it leads us to discover the lifestyle of the Emirates.

And if the Museum of Dubai is a journey into the past of the city, the Etihad Museum, located in the Jumeirah beach area, it is instead a look on the contemporary history of the UAE.

Dubai, the gastronomy

An essential part of the culture and lifestyle of each destination is the gastronomy. Dubai is not an exception. «Try the machboos, a tasty meat dish cooked with a mix of spices and rice. Do you prefer bread? Try the exotic khameer and chebab, then conclude the meal with the Middle East version of sweet ravioli, the luqaimat».

To taste a traditional meal from the UAE, you can enter one of the local restaurants or go inside the Center for Cultural Understanding of Sheikh Mohammed, which offers the opportunity to participate to breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Ah, no wine tourism, in Dubai. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only to non-Muslims who have 18 years and only in bars, hotels and restaurants supplied by a special license. The local population, in fact, respects and protects the Islamic tradition of Dubai. But do not be prejudiced: Dubai is an open and multicultural city that welcomes everyone.

Try instead the traditional Arabic beverages: the gahwa (the spiced coffee), the karak chai (spiced tea), the jellab (a mixture of grapes, molasses and rose water covered with pine nuts and raisins) and the tamar hindi (drink realized with tamarind grain drowned in the water, sugar and lemon juice), for example.

Dubai, the modern city


Pride for traditions and pride for the architectural results achieved, symbolizing the success of Dubai as a major center for trade and business travel, and as a modern city.

«Sheikh Zayed Road, the main arterial road of Dubai, is a hallway of skyscrapers studded by architectural wonders. The iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, dominates Downtown Dubai, one of the most prestigious districts of the planet». Other engineering excellence emblems of Dubai are Palm Jumeirah and Ski Dubai.

Dubai, the shopping

Even go shopping in Dubai is an opportunity to discover both tradition and modernity of the city.

«Go back in time in the heart of Dubai, where the hectic souks will test your senses, sounds, colors and intense fragrances. Follow your nose to the souk of the perfumes and give up to your desire of jewels and precious metals in the souk of gold. Cross the Dubai Creek and then wander around the souk of fabrics in Bur Dubai and immerse yourself in colorful silks and embroidered fabrics».

«Walk into one of the iconic shopping malls of Dubai where you will find about everything, from ski runs to aquariums, or wander around one of the elegant shopping areas outdoors, such as the Box Park, The Beach and the City Walk».

Dubai for families and children

Families can find in Dubai proposals and fun attractions for both adults and children. Legoland Dubai for lovers of the famous bricks, the Acquaventure Waterpark, the center for educational fun KidZania, the skating track Dubai Ice Rink.

Yes, in Dubai, you can also go ice skating, and even skiing, in the Ski Dubai spaces, the first indoor ski slope opened in the Middle East: 22,500 m² of snow on more than five ski runs with different levels of difficulty and an area for snowboarders with little sedges.

Dubai, the sea and the beaches

Sandy beaches overlooking the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, each one with its own characteristics and personality. This is also Dubai.

«Go to Sunset Beach in Palm Jumeirah, true paradise for surfers and luxury, pass through Kite Beach, the trendy beach where the motto is to never stand still, and the quieter Black Palace Beach, ideal for families».

Dubai, the desert, falconry and ecotourism

The desert, less than 30 minutes’ drive from the city, is one of the most popular experiences for visitors in Dubai. Almost all tours include a short camel ride of five minutes. For longer walks, you must book a specific proposal.

You can also get in an off-road, guided by an experienced driver, or riding a quad, and whizz through the sand dunes. And if, on the dunes, you want to glide, there is the sand board, a board similar to snowboarding.

There is also space for ecotourism in Dubai. «Leave only footprints», is the invitation of the Company for Tourism, Trade and Marketing of Dubai. Suggested destinations: The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, for sightseeing tours in the desert, and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to observe the flamingos.

Dubai, hospitality

Whether it is a family looking for an accommodation for young and adults, a businessman for a short or long break, a couple for a romantic vacation or a group interested in night life, in Dubai there is a hotel suitable for all tastes and budgets.

To find the ideal solution for your customers, you have no choice but to rely on the platform for travel agencies and tour operators.

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