Moscow, among white stones, golden domes and skyscrapers

Friday, 26 May 2017

The white stones of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the golden domes of the cathedrals, the Moskva-City skyscrapers (Moscow International Business Center, MIBC). Here we are in Moscow, the northernmost megalopolis on Earth, former capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, of the Tsardom of Russia, of the imperial Russia, of the Soviet Union and seat of the Russian Federation Government today.

A majestic city combining past, present and future. An ever-evolving city that every year changes its skyline, expands its transportation network, and becomes greener. A city that also fascinates underground, with its subway full of mosaics, paintings and inlays. A city that has become a destination for both leisure and business tourism.

Passport and entry visa

Before you go to Moscow, we think it is important to remind you that to reach the capital of the Russian Federation you need a passport (with a residual validity of at least 6 months upon arrival in the Country) and the entry visa. See Visa Handling Services and VFS Global.

Then mention to your customers that, when entering the Country, they have to fill out the Immigration Card. In the main airports, it is possible to complete it automatically at border control.

Also, advice your customers to exhibit passports in very good conditions. The Russian authorities usually monitor, and in case of deteriorated passport, it could lead to a refusal to enter the Country. It is also recommended to check with accuracy the passport data.

Moscow, the Top 10 (+1)

To list a Top 10 of places not to be missed is, on the one hand, useful to help those who do not have so much time available to discover this destination, on the other, reductive, because they are forced to limit their visits and pass over some points of interest worthy of attention.

Aware of this, to your customers with short time at disposal, you can suggest without being afraid of disappoint them, the Top 10 suggested by Moscow Duma Tourism Department. Here it is.

1. The Kremlin: the fortified citadel, the oldest part of the city, seat of the national government institutions and of the most important artistic and historical complexes of the Russian Federation; World Heritage Site


2. Red Square: Moscow’s main square, adjacent to the eastern wall of the Kremlin, with Basil’s Cathedral, the Lenin Mausoleum, and the GUM mall; World Heritage Site


3. Via Tverskaya: the main street of the city; walking along it means to reach the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Alexander Pushkin Monument, the Moscow Art Theater and the National Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia


4. Tret’jakov Gallery: one of the biggest collections of Russian art, with icons, paintings and sculptures


5. Puškin Museum: archaeological relics and paintings of Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch art


6. Bol’shoj Theater: one of the most famous and blazoned temples of the world classical ballet


7. Moscow Subway: an underground show, especially for the Stations of Arbatskaya, Belorusskaya, Chekhovskaya, Chistye Prudy, Kiyevskaya, Komsomolskaya, Mayakovskaya, Park Kultury, Ploshad Revolyutsii, Teatralnaya


8. Arbat Street: a pedestrian street in the historic center, full of typical lanterns


9. Boulevard Ring: a series of ring boulevards along the west, north and east of Belyj Gorod, the White City, the central area of Moscow; not to be missed, Tverskoy Boulevard


10. Sparrow Hill: one of the seven hills of Moscow, natural reserve, breathtaking view


Vogliamo far diventare la Top 10 del Dipartimento per il Turismo della Duma di Mosca almeno una Top 11. Aggiungiamo un altro Patrimonio Mondiale dell’Umanità, il Monastero di Novodevičij.


Moscow Seasons

We also recommend to point your web browser in the direction of the official website of the City of Moscow, especially take a look at the Moscow Seasons page, where you can find info about street festivals, exhibitions, celebrations and other cultural, sports and culinary events organized in each season.

Green Moscow

«Moscow has never stopped inspiring, confusing, irritating and enchanting me in unexpected ways. During this trip, I have discovered with joy the new capital obsession for the “park-life”. It is not just summer cafes (they have always been): I am talking about bike lanes, table tennis, outdoor theaters and dancing parties. To be active is trendy, and the city meets this new exigencies with its magnificent green spaces. The Park of Culture and Leisure (aka Gorky Park) has finally found its reason for being, and a new generation of healthy and optimistic Muscovites».


So Mara Vorhees, author Lonely Planet, we have already mentioned her in our article dedicated to Spring long weekends and Pentecost, in which Moscow was one of the destinations we have recommended to propose to your clients.

Moscow does not only offer the Gorky Park to green lovers. We point out Kolomenskoe and Tsaritsyno state reserves, the Izmajlovskij Park, the Lefortovo landscape complex, the Petrovskij Park, the Tsitsin botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moskvoretskij natural and historical park on the Moscova river.

The territory of Moscow is also disseminated by ancient estates belonged to noble families, parks and museums, known as the “pearl necklace of Moscow”. Among these, we point out the properties of Kuskovo and Ostankino.

Moscow for children

Those traveling with the family can be sure that children in Moscow will not get bored. In the green areas we have just mentioned, and in particular at the Gorky Park, there are often activities dedicated to kids. And besides the green spaces, places and opportunities for fun (and learning) are plentiful.


Among the attractions that you can suggest to your clients with children, we recommend the Planetarium, the Zoo, the Oceanarium, the Experimentanium and the Soviet Arcade Video Games Museum.

Moscow for couples

Neither Paris nor Rome, just to name only two cities approved by couples, especially when it comes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Moscow, too, has its locations and its romantic corners. We point out three: the Garden of Hermitage, the Garden of Pharmacists and the Patriarch Bridge.

Moscow along the Moscova

A final tip for your customers who want to reach Moscow. A boat trip on the waters of the river Moscova, to discover or rediscover the city from a different perspective.


Buon viaggio dallo Staff 6Tour!

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