Road trips, emotions along the way

Friday, 30 June 2017

There are “pure” road trip travelers, people who never and ever would book a hotel or any other type of accommodation before getting in the car, fastening seat belts, and covering miles. Because they believe that planning means, not to betray the essence of a road trip, but at least not to live all the emotions along the way.

There are then some “pure” ones who discover they are not road trippers after the first defeat on the road, after losing time, energy and money in search of an accommodation, after knocking their nose against problems that, with the your help, they would solve faster.

And there are those for whom the certainty of being able to rest in a trusted accommodation relying on 24 hour assistance is just the prerequisite for taking a trip on the road. We think, for example, of families. Not everyone is – not all of us – Jack Kerouac.


The right approach to road trips

Of course, if you do not embrace the philosophy of the road – to use the expression employed by the experts of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) – you are unlikely to be able to fully enjoy a road trip. You have to be open to all possibilities of discovery and all the experiences a road can offer, suggests ASTA. Always remember your customers.

Remember to your clients, if you want, just like Kerouac. Remember «just follow the road and sooner or later you will go around the world» and «there is always something more, a little more in there… never ends». And help them build “flexible” itineraries that allow you to “deviate” from the “main route” without fear of being forced in crazy rides to reach the booked accommodation solution.

Security, first of all

About crazy rides, advise your customers to always meet the speed limits of the countries they want to explore on the four wheels (or on the two wheels). Provide all useful information on road regulations and safety. And be informed on fuel prices and possible road closures and deviations, advice ASTA‘s experts.

Cars and motorbikes, owned or rented, must be “in shape”. Remind to your customers to check their vehicles, they have to be in condition to accompany them on the road trip, in case of a rental car, claim all insurances from the companies of the sector.

We remind you that the platform allows you to book accommodation solutions and rental cars for your customers.

In case of long-distance trips, also remind to your customers to bring water, food, first aid kits, blankets, electric flashlights and anything that may be necessary to deal with certain environmental and climatic conditions.


Customers with specific needs

Do everything to ensure the best possible solutions for customers with specific requirements in terms of cars and accommodations. If you think – or you are certain – that a road trip is not suitable for a senior, a child, or any other person with specific needs, let them know without fear of losing the customer. Protect them and protect yourself.

Motors, joys and pain

Be ready to activate all communication channels in your hands to assist your customers. It is a good idea for any kind of trip, but when it comes to motors, you know, there can be some pain. You must be ready to provide any assistance directly or indirectly to resolve any problems or inconveniences.

We are aware that ASTA experts have provided many recommendations. We invite you, however, to treasure them, because attention to details is your value and the main reason way a person rely on your advice.


Travel on the road, not just Route 66

Route 66 is without any doubt the road for excellence for road trips, also celebrated in literature, music and cinema. It is a former highway (national road) that originally connected Chicago to Santa Monica Beach across the USA, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

It is the most famous street, but it is not the only one. Here are some useful resources to pack your proposals. Before we list them, we want to suggest that you never “impose” a certain road trip to a customer. Limit yourself to advise, because often, those who want to make a trip on the road, already have a route in their minds. Help them to build in the better way their experience.

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