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Friday, 21 July 2017

Milan wears the crown of Italian queen of business travel. Milan wants to affirm itself as a reference destination for leisure. A will expressed by Roberta Guaineri, councilor for Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life of the capital of Lombardy, on the pages of TTG Italia Magazine *.

A will that manifests itself mainly through the so-called “week strategy”. Fashion week and design  week, but also book week and food week, and initiatives such as Piano City, a three-day concert in unusual places, music on tram cars, boats and even by bike, to name some of the Milanese scheduled proposals.


«No city heads towards this characteristic, no city in the world, every month of the year, can propose a week dedicated to design, fashion, food, books, music, culture, architecture and radio etc.», highlighted Guaineri during the debate Milan, the place to be. The Challenges of Tourism in Lombardy **.

So stay tuned on the “weeks” promoted by the City of Milan, through the section Do not miss by turismoMilano, the official website for tourism promotion of Milan. And keep in mind the following data: in 2015, Expo’s year in Milan, over 5 million and 290,000 visitors (+ 11.48% on an annual basis); in 2016, the number exceeded 5 million and 600,000 (+ 2.07% on an annual basis); in the first five months of 2017, still growing, equal to 13.03%.

Milan can rely on another strength, the councilor added: «The city has the ability to continue to change, for example in the skyline. One of the reasons why people decide to visit cities is to look at their changes».

Milan also ranks second in the European Best Destinations 2017 chart, the result of a competition created by EBD, an organization that promotes culture and tourism in Europe in collaboration with the European Destinations of Excellence Network, a network created by the European Commission to give impulse to the so-called sustainable tourism.

Open parenthesis. On the top step of the podium Porto (Portugal), on third Gdansk (Poland). Next Athens (Greece), San Sebastian (Spain), Zosopol (Bulgaria), Vienna (Austria), Cittavecchia (Croatia), Basel (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Rome (Italy), Paris (France), Bonifacio (Corsica, France) and Wild Taiga (Finland). Closing parentheses.

Milan, a classic itinerary

«The faces of Milan are so many, too many to explore it completely in a short time. But there are some must-see places, not to be missed, to start at least to discover it. These are the most important tourist attractions, the most representative architectures, the most important institutions, the city’s symbols», it is possible to read on turismoMilano.


Probably you already know which are the required stops for those who want to start discovering Milan. A memo, in any case, can be helpful. Here are as list:

  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Museo del Novecento
  • Piazza della Scala
  • Piazza dei Mercanti
  • Castello Sforzesco
  • Pinacoteca di Brera
  • Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio
  • Quartiere Navigli
  • Quadrilatero della Moda
  • Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Milan by boat…

Remember that Milan «has for centuries been a navigable city similar to Venice with a ring of canals and marinas: the Navigli belt and the ponds of S. Stefano (today S. Stefano square), S. Marco (today S. Marco square) and Sant’Eustorgio (which has become Porta Ticinese dock)». It is still possible to discover it (and rediscover it) on board of a boat, despite the Navigli belt is today a «circular road that encloses the historic town center».


Navigli Lombardi, a company founded by the Region Lombardy, the Municipality of Milan, the Provinces and Chambers of Commerce of Milan and Pavia, the Municipality of Pavia and the Consortium of Reclamation of East Ticino-Villoresi, proposes five river routes, some of which also reach the neighborhood of the regional capital:

  • Conche itinerary
  • Darsena itinerary
  • Delizie itinerary
  • Martesana itinerary
  • Fontanili itinerary

… and on a bicycle

You can suggest your customers to explore Milan even on a bicycle. Remember that they can also use BikeMi, the bike sharing service developed by the City of Milan and the Milan Transport Company (ATM).


Green Milan

 There is greenery in Milan. «Over an area of 14,681,400 square meters, over 54 parks, plus other green spaces, like 21 beautiful gardens that allow citizens and visitors to spend their free time surrounded by nature». Not to be missed, without any doubt, is Sempione Park, along the edges of which, are located the Castello Sforzesco and the Arc of Peace.


Milan also offers «precious and unexpected proofs of the values of peasant civilization: farms, oasis of peace and meditation». The Milano Metropoli Rurale website, available only in Italian is dedicated to farms, gardens, agricultural markets and agrarian landscapes.

Green spaces are ideal for families traveling with children. And about kids, in Milan they can have fun (and learn) at the Mu.Ba (Children’s Museum), the WOW Cartoon Space (Museum of Cartoon, Animated Illustration and Animation) and the Civic Aquarium.

Milan …

 … is what you want and what you think best suit your customers’ needs. There are so many opportunities to discover and explore Milan. The turismoMilano website is a mine of information and suggestions that cover all interests: art, culture, history, sports, nightlife events and any other topics we did not touch in this focus.

For accommodation solutions and touristic services (cars, transfers, guides, excursions, etc.), you can always count on the platform.

Before we say goodbye to you, we want to point out Milan for All, a project promoted by the Municipality of Milan and realized by the leading associations of people with disabilities and specific needs in Lombardy. The website provides all the information regarding accessible tourism in Milan.


*Roma-Milano: il turismo da due diversi punti di vista

edited by TTG Italia

**Turisti, effetto Expo anche nel 2017. E il Comune lavora al brand Milano

edited by Il Giorno

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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