Travelling towards spring, and beyond

Friday, 25 August 2017

You know very well that satisfying the different demands of your clients is not easy at all.

Just think about the needs relating to the seasons, such as the climate and the temperature.

Someone wants to reach a cold winter destination, where one can vent the passion for the ski, for example; otherwise, someone else would like to spend the winter in a warm destination.

Some people do not want to know anything about the heat, even in summer; actually, they search for cool weather. Somebody loves the spring sea, somebody else a warm autumn instead.

As the Italian proverb “some want it cooked and some want it raw” says, people have the most different wants: it’s up to you to understand the desires of people who ask for your advices and, of course, please them.

Regarding the hospitality, the best is of course the platform on the website, you can choose between more than 1 million of accommodation solutions from all over the world; furthermore, this catalogue comprehends more than 400.000 worldwide ground services, such as excursions, transfers and rental car.

In the field of destinations, we would like to help you to find ideas and useful sources for your daily job through the 6tour Magazine, so here we are. With this focus, we want to give you some advices for who is on the north of the Equator and craves to chase the spring, on the other side of the hemisphere.

Moreover, we would like to suggest you some destinations that, even in autumn, could satisfy all the people that wants nothing more than the warm season, which is warm temperature and a nice sun.

Travelling towards spring in Peru

«In Peru, a country that is just in the south of the Equator, you can find three different climates: firstly, an arid coastal strip (the Costa), with a mild climate, that’s cloudy and foggy in winter and nicely warm in summer; secondly, the region of the Andes, the highlands (the Sierra), that is more or less cold according to the height; lastly, the wide oriental area covered by the Amazonian rainforest (the Selva), in which there’s a hot and humid climate all year».

These are the words of the experts of Climi e Viaggi, one of the sources that we have adviced you to entrust, and it helps you to identify the destinations that it would be better to avoid in July and in August, due to their unsuitable climatic conditions and temperature.

We suggest you to propose to your clients Lima, the capital of Peru, situated on the mid-west coast of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

In Lima, in spring, the temperature can vary between 15 and 22 Celsius degrees. If you want to learn more about Lima, you can refer to Peru Travel, the website maintained by the Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo, the Peruvian national institution for the tourism.

We indicate to you three relevant autumn appointment that will take place in Lima: the Mistura, the most important gastronomic fair in the Latin America, in September; the month of the Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas, with the celebration of the Cristo Morado, the Patron Saint of the city, in October; lastly, the Dia de la Canción Criolla, on the 21st October, with concerts of traditional music in the parks and in the squares of the Peruvian capital.

Travelling towards spring in Argentina

Here’s some other words by Climi e Viaggi: «Argentina extends for about 3.700 km from north to south and presents a very different range of climates: almost tropical climate in the north, the temperate in Buenos Aires and the Pampas, cold and windy in Patagonia and sub-polar in the “Tierra del Fuego”, “Land of Fire” in English. There’s also the typical cold weather of the Andean Mountains, dry in the center-north and snowy in the south».

Also regarding the Argentina, we suggest you to advice to your clients its capital city, Buenos Aires. The best period to visit the biggest city of the Country is spring indeed.We have just spoken about Buenos Aires in the occasion of the focuses on 2017 Carnival and on street art; you can discover its strengths on BA Tourism and Argentina Travel.

Travelling towards Cape Verde, Thailand and South Korea

Finally, here’s to the destinations that you can suggest to people that desire a warm temperature, sun and also sea, even if they’re situated in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Cape Verde, specifically Santa Maria in the Island of Sal, known for the beautiful beaches of white sand, warm water, coral reefs and water sports. The website to refer to is Turismo Cabo Verde.


  • Thailand specifically Khao Lak in the North Andamans, with the most beautiful subaquatic background and the most eclectic sea life of the Thai coral reef, Surin Beach in Phuket, one of the best tropical seaside locations of the world, Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, a colorful city, full of life and fun, and Ko Samet in the Gulf of Siam, a wild island full of bays, inlets and a dense tropical jungle. The website to refer to is Amazing Thailand.


  • South Korea, specifically Seul (or Seoul, as you wish) is the capital city, modern and ancient at the same time. We indicate to you the new Lotte World Travel, opened to the public on last April and with the third highest observation point of the world, the Seoul Sky. This tower offers a 360-degrees view of the city and, if you want, you can feel the thrill of walking on a glass floor; the website to refer to is Visit Seoul.


Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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