Autumn in opposition: where not to go in September, October and November

Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Farewell, summer 2017. If we consider the summer as the meteorological season that lasts from 1st June to 31st August, tomorrow, on Friday 1st September, autumn will come in the north of the Equator. We’re talking about the so-called meteorological autumn, because the so-called astronomic winter goes from 20-21st June, the Solstice, to 22nd-23rd September, the Equinox.

Whether metereological or astronomic, summer is on its last legs, so it’s time to help people that want to take a trip in autumn. After the advices that we gave you regarding the destinations to refer to for a warm autumn in 2017, we would like to suggest you to keep in mind the destinations that it would be better to avoid in September, October and November, instead.

We would like to propose to you a similar focus to the one regarding the destinations that, in a general way, do not present the ideal climatic conditions to fully enjoy a trip in July and in August. 

We rely on the advices of The Best Time to Visit also for the today focus.


Before the suggestions, we really care to repeat what we have previously written: please always inquire about the climate and the weather forecast of the travel destinations, please always share with your clients all the information that you have and, lastly, please never hide eventual diseases arising from an adverse weather.

One last thing: some countries extend for a very wide territory and present various climatic conditions. Let’s take Brazil, for example, and let’s read the information made available by Climi e Viaggi, another source that we have already suggested you to draw on:

«Brazil is an enormous country, so it logically presents different climatic conditions. It can be divided in three principal climatic areas: the equatorial area, with constant rain (it comprehends the Amazon zone and a small coastal area), the tropical area with a dry season (the middle zone and a small northern territory) and, lastly, the area on the far south, with a warm winter and an almost Mediterranean climate».


Where it would be better not to go on September

The Best Time to Visit suggests avoiding the areas where the hurricane risk is high: the Caribbean, the Central America and Asia. It could sound scary, because we have here a continent and two very wide regions. So, keep in mind the note above (very big territories = different climate conditions) and inform yourself in detail about the single Nations and about the specific destinations.


Regarding hurricanes, and more generally adverse weather conditions, even the strong ones, you can rely on the service Severe Weather Information provided by the World Meteorological Organization.

Where it would be better not to go on October

It would be better to stay away from some areas affected by the typhoon’s season in Thailand, from the Fiji Islands, from the New Guinea, from the northern Australia, from Mexico (especially the seaside destinations of the Gulf of Mexico) and from the Caribbean.


Where it would be better not to go in November

The Best Time to Visit suggests again avoiding the region of Central America. It is better to stay away from Québec, Canada, too, because there are several landmarks in the outskirts of the principal cities that are still closed.

We have finished. Before leaving us, we would like to point out that these are general advices.

We also repeat that wide territories correspond to different climatic conditions. It’s up to you to consider carefully the specific destinations. Good Work!

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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