Street food, how to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place

Friday, 29 September 2017

Food and drinks makes an invincible marketing match for the touristic promotion of a destination. It’s no coincidence that there are words such as gastronomic tourism or enotourism. What we eat or drink, and how, where (and why) we do that are elements that give us essential information, to fully immerse ourselves into the spirit of the place.

However, the pleasure of enjoying a good trip is not only the prerogative of the people who reach a destination, pushed principally by the desire of tasting its typical gastronomic reality: also the ones who travels for other reasons, such as culture, music, relax or nature, want to try the local cuisine.


The protagonist of this daily focus is the street food, not a recent phenomenon indeed: food is prepared, sold and consumed in the streets since ages and, nowadays, there is more attention on the street food, view as a vehicle for the touristic development.

That’s why we want to give you some ideas and news about street food. Let’s start with an advice by Travel+Leisure*, a quite important one below us, because it helps your clients to find them bearings in front of a booth, a cart or a truck.

The advice that we suggest you to share with your clients, it is to follow the local residents, for example the working people, the cops and the police, and the elderly. If there are these categories of people in front of the hawker, probably he sells quality food and he is careful to the hygiene and the food security.


Let’s talk about the destinations and let’s start from the USA, specifically New York City, where there is the world. When there is the world, you can find something for everybody’s tastes: hot dog, bagel, hamburger, lobster roll, knish etc.

Let’s google Action Bronson, an American rapper and cook, and follow his advices: he’s an example of the melting pot that characterize the stars and stripes metropolis, with his Albanian father, a young immigrant in the States, and a newyorker mother with Jewish origins.

We also suggest you to google the official site of the Vendy Awards, the annual competition invented by the Urban Justice Center, to find the best street food’s hawkers in New York City, and New York Street Food too.

Let’s move from USA to Canada, to Montréal and Toronto. This last one, by the way, is one of the leading cities of our recent focus, dedicated to the best bakeries in the world. Poutine, donair, bannock, smoked meat, shish taouk, shavarma: here are some typical delicacies of the Canadian street food. For Montréal, you can consult the guide Cuisine de rue, for Toronto Tourism Toronto instead.

Let’s move to Jamaica, in Negril, where the local food is the jerk chicken par excellence, smoked with spices.

Let’s follow the tips of Jamaicans, specifically of Steve Weinstein, who lives in the Caribbean sea destination from thirteen years.


Arepa, mazorca desgranada, empanada, oblea, almojábana, marranito, picada are some typical street foods in Colombia. If you want to taste them, we suggest you to recommend to your clients to reach Bogotá.


Let’s change the scene and let’s move to Asia, specifically to Mactan (Republic of Philippines), to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and to Singapore (Republic of Singapore). In Mactan, your clients could try the palabok, the sotanghon and the kwek kwek, while in Kuala Lumpur they will discover the bak kut the, the chee cheong fun and the clay pot loh shu fun. What about Singapore? The Char kway teow and the bak chor mee.

Let’s move from Asia to Africa, precisely in South Africa, to Cape Town, to try the amgwinya, the gabtsy and the kota. Let’s fly to Morocco, in Marrakech, to taste the b’stilla, the shebākia and the l’harira.


Let’s finish our travel in Krakóv, in Poland, to discover the kiełbasa and the zapiekanka, and in Palermo, in Italy, for pleasing our tongue with the pane ca meusa and the arancine.

*Travel+Leisure, The survivor’s manual to eating the best (and safest) street food

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