The world is beautiful because it’s strange

Friday, 22 September 2017

Some cities are as bizarre as fascinating for their architectural style, their position, the stories told about them and for the experiences you can live in. You can discover unknown villages, among gravel roads. There are also some pure places that seems like they’re coming from another world, but they come from ours instead. Our world is beautiful because it’s strange and it can always surprise us.

We want to help you to satisfy the curiosity of your clients, who want to reach and discover unusual destinations: they could be cities, small villages, natural sites or other places that are often unnoticed even in destinations with a mass influx of tourists.

That’s the case, for example, of the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, a 163 steps staircase with handmade tiles and mosaic, glasses and mirrors’ fragments. Thanks to the clutch of these, it seems that the staircase changes its aspect by day and by night. Moreover, this wonder leads on an observation point with a breath-taking view on San Francisco’s bay, California, USA.


Below Bored Panda*’s staff (and not only below them), this is considered one of the most colorful staircases in the world. Among the others, we remind L’Escalier de L’Art in Beirut, Lebanon, the Holsteiner Stairs in Wuppertal, Germany, signed by the german artist Horst Glaesker, and the l’Escadaria Selarón in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, made by the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón; this is undoubtedly between the principal examples of street art.


Speaking of colours, Travel+Leisure** has identified the most colorful cities and neighborhoods in the planet. Among them, we report Burano, a village that rises on the namesake island in Venezia’s Comune, Italy, La Boca, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Boo-Kaap, a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, Balat, a neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, Valparaìso, in Chile and Jodhpur in India.


Of course, other cities characterized by their colors are missing, for example Chefchaouen, Morocco, and Nyhavn, the ancient port in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Let’s move from cities to nature, to recommend some of the evocative landscapes suggested by the experts of Rough Guides***: the Spotted Lake, in the north-west of Osoyoos, Canada, the Giant’s Cayseway, about 3 km north from Bushmills, Northern Ireland, Red Panjin Beach and the Tianzi Mountain of Zhangjiajie, China (the cinema lovers will probably know that the Tianzi Mountain ispired James Cameron for the Pandora’s location in Avatar).


We can find natural rocky towers also in Meteora, a destination situated near Kalambaka, in Greece, with many monasteries builded on them. Nowadays, only six of them are inhabitated: Agios Stefanos, Agia Triada, Gran Meteora, Varlaam, Roussanou and Agios Nikolaos.


Keeping talking about rocks and strange destinations, we could not forget to mention Setenil de las Bodegas, in Spain, with its houses incorporated in the rock, and Matera, in Italy, the Città dei Sassi (literally the City of Rocks). If your clients decide to reach Matera, tell them not to forget Craco, a medieval ghost village far about one hour by car.

The subject of ghost villages and towns, together with that of the abandoned places (even inside residential areas) can offer many opportunities. We suggest you to focus the research on the website Atlas Obscura. While we are writing, there are more than 260 articles dedicated to the ghost towns and about 730 are about the abandoned places.


Atlas Obscura is a mine of useful information and it could indeed help to discover bizarre constructions and architectures, catacombs, crypts and graveyards, natural wonders, unique collections, unusual monuments and much more. Everything is located on map, of course.

We finish our focus with an advice: try to search always something unusual in the destinations that your clients would like to reach and in which you propose them. You will make their travel experiences more and more particular.

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**Travel+Leisure, The World’s Most Colorful Cities

***Rough Guides, 20 seriously weird places around the world

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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