Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018, ideas (and promotions) for a travel

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

If you start by now to study new proposals of travel for Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018, you will spare yourself a fair amount of stress, you will even better satisfy the needs of your clients and you will not lose the promos and the super deals developed by 6tour under its Mission 2017.

Actually, as affiliated partners to the platform, you can take advantage of variable discounts on all the accommodation solutions and on all the check-in within 31 December 2017. Furthermore, you can also use an integrated service to check all the market rates in real time and to anticipate eventual quotes, calculated by your clients independently.


Therefore, we want to give you some ideas that we hope could be useful to create solutions for all the people who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a travel and will ask for your help. However, you can find suggestions also from the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2016, from the 6tour Top Destination Trends 2017 and from our article about New Year’s Eve 2017.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Stockholm


We couldn’t forget to mention Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with the Christmas market in Stortorget, the Big Square in the heart of the Gamla Stan, the Old City, and its red stands with local gastronomic and handicraft products. You have no doubt to try the glögg, a mulled wine served hot.


Another Christmas market not to be missed is the one in Skansen, in Djurgården, one of the fourteen isles on which the city stretches across. Skansen is a very peculiar place, because it hosts the most ancient open-air museum in the world, inaugurated in 1891; thanks to it, you can discover Swedish customs and traditions of different ages.

For New Year’s Eve 2018 in Stockholm, please note down the following places suggested by Visit Stockholm AB, the official agency for the touristic promotion of the Swedish capital: Fjällgatan, Monteliusvägen, Skinnarviksberget, Västerbron, Skanstullsbron, Skeppsbron, Slottsbacken, Strömbron, Blasieholmen and Skeppsholmen. Also, please inform yourself about the clubs that liven up the Swedish nightlife.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Zurich


Zurich is a reference destination for whoever wants to feel the traditional Christmas spirit. In December, the largest city in Switzerland is «surrounded by a warm light, pervaded by the cinnamon and mulled wine’s smell and by Christmas sounds and melodies», as Zurich Tourism writes. Below the official touristic authority for Zurich’s touristic promotions, events such as the Lichterschwimmen on the Limmat and the lighting of the illuminations on the Bahnhofstrasse will bode a dreamy Advent.

The Christmas markets cannot be missed. The most ancient is the Niederdorf one, in the historic center, while the Christkindlimarkt, in the main station, is one of the biggest covered Christmas market in Europe. We don’t have to forget the Wienachtsdorf’s charme, in front of the Zurich Opera House.


The New Year’s Eve’s highlight is the Saint Sylvester’s party on the Lake Zurich’s shores, with gastronomic stands, bars and live music on different stages. You can also keep early hours in one of the parties organized in the Zurich clubs, or welcome the New Year on the boats that cut through the lake. There is a little something for everyone.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Innsbruck


 Innsbruck, in Austria, is a reference destination for who loves Christmas tradition, too. What characterizes the capital city of the North Tyrol is the particular offer dedicated to children.

People who travel with families and children don’t have to miss the Märchengasse, the Fairy Tale Alley where, during the whole Advent period, there are representations of Alpes’ tales, fairy and elves’ stories and Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales.


You have to make a necessary step also in the Marktplatz, to have fun with the Marionette’s Theatre and the Carousel, and to enjoy the show of the Jaufenthaler-Krippe, the Jaufenthal’s nativity scene given by the namesake owner: 15 engines animate 28 characters, create the flow of a waterfall and play the church’s bells.

What about the New Year’s Eve? «Live music, gastronomic corners and a varied entertainment program liven up the old city. At the stroke of midnight, according to the Austrian tradition, the magic ‘The Blue Danube’ resounds everywhere […] At the same time, the fireworks among the Inn and on the Seegrube illuminate the night sky with many colorful lights», as Innsbruck Tourism says.

Furthermore, you can join a clubbing night at the Congress Innsbruck, from 23, or you can welcome the New Year on the Nordkette at the Cloud 9, «the most beloved igloo-club in the Tyrol», 1.900 metres above sea level, with downstream return until 2.30 am through the  Nordkettenbahnen lifts.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Dublin


Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, it’s Christmas also on 6th January, because the Epiphany is called Little Christmas or Women’s Christmas. Actually, in the past, «women used to go out and have fun with their friends, while men stayed at home, looked after the children and put out Christmas’ decorations», as Ireland Tourism explains.

The authority in charge for the Republic of Ireland’s promotions suggests not to lose George’s Street Arcade to who wants to spend Christmas in Dublin; even if it’s not a Christmas market in the proper meaning of the term, «with its winding streets and trails of suspended lights, it will recall the Christmas spirit even in the coldest hearts».

In the Phoenix Park in Dublin, the little ones (and the big ones, too) can meet some specimens of deers, Santa Claus’ helpers, as Ireland Tourism writes. If you want to meet Santa Claus himself instead, you have to reach the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, which hosts the magic Father Christmas Work Room.

An Irish Christmas tradition is to have a nice swim, and the most famous meeting is at Forty Foot, in the south of Dublin, at about 40 minutes by car from the city. In Dublin, New Year’s Eve goes hand in hand with the New Year’s Festival, three days of celebrations to welcome 2018.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Edinburgh


Let’s remain in Europe with Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, where we couldn’t forget to mention the panoramic views from the top of the Big Wheel, Santa Land in the East Princes Street Gardens or the Elves’ Workshop hidden in the Christmas Tree’s Labyrinth. Furthermore, we recommend the visit to the Father Christmas’ Cave, or the Star Flyer, the oval skating ring that surrounds the Melville Monument, in St. Andrew Square, and also the Christmas market in the center.

Hogmanay is the Scottish term that refers to the New Year’s Eve; originally, it dated the celebrations of the winter’s solstice among the Vikings. Visit Scotland, the website edited by the national authority for the Scottish tourism, invites everybody to take part to «the spectacular Procession of Torches that crosses the Old Town the 30th December» and to enjoy «three days of fantastic atmospheres and unforgettable memories» that Edinburgh’s Hogmanay will give.


You can also suggest to the partygoer to reach Princes Street, to enjoy the music of world famous DJs, the projections on giant screens and all that the open bars can offer, all set up with the Edinburgh’s Castle in the background. On the 1st January, your bravest clients could dive in the Firth of Forth during the annual Loony Dook, if they will.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Doah


Doha is the capital of Qatar, independent sovereign state since 1971 and one of the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. Of course, this isn’t a reference destination for who wants to live Christmas traditions: Qatar is an Islamic country, indeed. However, it respects the other religious cults and there are Christian places of worship, as the Qatar Tourism Authority points out.

In Doha, your clients won’t found Christmas markets, but they could explore the Souq Waqif, «a labyrinth of small shops with typical Middle East’s merchandise, from spices and seasonal delights to perfumes, jewels, clothes, handicrafts and a multitude of souvenirs».


In Doha, your clients won’t walk among the well-lighted streets for Christmas, but they could enjoy the 7 km of the Bay’s boardwalk, the Corniche, with breath-taking views on the city, from the skyscrapers of the business quarter to the bold forms of the Museum of Islamic Art.


«The traditional wooden dhow that coast the Bay recall the glorious maritime past of Qatar. Here you can also find a pedestrian precint dipped in the green area in the heart of the capital, completely forbidden to the traffic», you can read on Visit Qatar.

In Doha, your client will find multiple possibilities to spend the New Year’s Eve partying and living new and unusual experiences, with the presence of the desert as an accomplice.

Regarding the tourist visa, you can consult the page dedicated to Visit Qatar and Qatar Visas.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Nusa Dua and Boracay


Lastly, let’s talk about sea destinations: Nusa Dua, in the Bali Island, in Indonesia, known for luxury accommodation solutions, crystal clear water and beaches of white sands, and Boracay, on the northwest tip of the Panay Island, in the Philippines, and famous for its White Beach. If you want to become more familiar with these localities and if you want to have more information about the tourist visas, you can refer to Visit My Philippines and Wonderful Indonesia.

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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