Heading to the sea, towards warm temperatures

Friday, 20 October 2017

Let’s speak again about climate and travel. To advise you on some of the destinations you can propose to meet the needs of your customers who want to have a warm holiday in a seaside location. Let’s go to the sea, then.

South of the equator, you already know, it’s spring time. Summer is coming in one month. In the north, vice versa, is fall and winter is coming in one month. You will also know that astronomical seasons do not always correspond with meteorological ones. That is why we invite you to focus on destinations from both hemispheres.

For the Southern Hemisphere, we chose Seychelles and Mauritius. For the Northern Hemisphere, the Maldives, Cuba, the Bahamas and the United Arab Emirates. These latter are among the protagonists of our focus on warm Fall 2017, have a look at it to find some tips about Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman.

In the same article, we have also suggested Cuba, especially Havana. However, we recommend Varadero and Cayo Largo del Sur for the sea and for the warm temperature.


«Favored by nature that gave it the gift of charm, Varadero is the most beautiful among the Cuban beaches», writes the Tourism Office of Cuba. Varadero «hits the visitor for the beauty of its vast coastline, the clean and finest sand, the magic of its sunsets and the fun of the nights».

Among the places of interest, the Parque Josone and the Dolphinarium.


The island of Cayo Largo del Sur is the «pearl of the Los Canarreos archipelago», ideal for scuba diving and nautical activities. «Its beaches are protected by stunning coral reefs in shallow waters, where gorgonians, fish and a multitude of flora reside», the Tourism Office of Cuba points out. Among the sites of interest, the Maritime Turtle Farm.

  • Reference website: Cuba Travel
  • Passport: mandatory
  • Entry visa: mandatory

Let’s head north from Cuba to reach Paradise Island, one of the Bahamas Islands, connected to New Providence Island from Paradise Island Bridge and Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge.

Paradise Island is not only synonymous with sunshine, wonderful white sandy beaches overlooking a blue-turquoise sea, luxury accommodation and fun, but also a unique blend of history and culture that moves from Spanish, British, and African influences.

Let’s change water. Let’s reach that one of the Indian Ocean. First stop: Beau Vallon beach, Mahé, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. A gorgeous beach with white sand in front of a crystal clear sea ideal for water sports.

Seychelles, a destination that can be recommended also to nature lovers. The islands that make up the homonymous archipelago «are a museum of living natural history and a sanctuary for some of the rarest floral and faunistic species in the world», remarks the local tourism agency.

  • Reference website Seychelles Travel
  • Passport: mandatory, along with return ticket
  • Entry visa: mandatory, granted upon arrival in the Country

Second stop, Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius Island. «Relax on the beach, sunbathe and friendship with locals: here is the essence of Flic-en-Flac», writes Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. White sandy beaches, water sports and a lively nightlife.

Third stop, Bel Ombre, still Mauritius, a characteristic fishing village located in the southern part of the island, where «the most beautiful and wild landscapes can be found, with sandy beaches alternating with cliffs wrecked by waves, rocky beaches and fields of sugar cane as far as the eye can see, mountainous landscape that create splendid panoramas».

Last stop, Vabbinfaru, a town located in North Malé Atoll, in the Maldives. White sand beach, a thousand-color sea, a coral reef that entirely surrounds the island.

  • Reference website: Visit Maldives
  • Passport: mandatory, with microprocessor (electronic passport)
  • Entry visa: mandatory, granted upon arrival in the Country

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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