Trendy destinations for Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018

Friday, 10 November 2017

Here’s the second act of Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018, with some of the most sought-after destinations, except for the capital cities. For information, we will dedicate a focus to these ones, always referring to the Christmas celebrations. Before reporting the destinations that we chose and giving you some starting points about them, we remind you not to lose the promotions and the super deals signed 6tour.

The destinations that we advise you to suggest to your clients, keen on celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year with a travel, are seven: six look onto the sea, one is nestled in the heart of the Alps, in Italy, few minutes far from a mountain that offers various opportunities to people who travel with the family and for who loves the snow.


Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 in Trento

Let’s start precisely from this last destination, to be specific from Trento, the administrative center of the namesake autonomous province and the Trentino-Alto Adige Autonomous Region. The Christmas Market is not to be missed, with 93 wooden houses deployed in Piazza Fiera and in Piazza Cesare Battisti, among a path that leads through the discovery of the best local handicrafts and enogastronomy.

This appointment lasts for even 49 days, from the 18th November 2017 to the 6th January 2018, it’s eco-friendly with its Green Market and careful to the little one’s needs with the Children Village. All the details are available on the official website Trento’s Christmas Market.

There’s no need to say that Trento hasn’t only initiatives related to the Christmas celebrations to offer. You can learn more about the city and its territory through the information published on Discover Trento by the Association for the Tourism in Trento, Monte Bondone and Valle dei Laghi.

Speaking of Monte Bondone, only 15 kilometers separate it from Trento. So, only few minutes far from there, your clients could enjoy a natural terrace with a 360 degrees view on Brenta’s Dolomites and the mountains of Trento.


As well as the downhill skiing, the cross-country skiing on the wide valley of Viote, the ski mountaineering on the Three Peaks and the snowboarding in the Snowpark & Halpipe, the Monte Bondone offers also the possibility to make excursions with the snowshoes, skating and descending with the luges. There will be a lot of fun also for the children, with the ludic recreational center Kinderheim Vason.

Christmas 2017 and New Year’s Eve 2018 with sea view

Let’s leave the mountain to reach the six destinations that look onto the sea. They are Portorose (Slovenia), Saint John’s (Antigua and Barbuda), Corralejo (Spain), Akumal (Mexico), Catania (Italy) and Key West (USA). Here are some ideas that we hope could be useful to prepare your travel proposals.

Portorose, Slovenia

Looked out on the Eastern Adriatic Coast, Portorose is the ideal destination for who wants to get away from it all and relax. The district of the Pirano Commune, in fact, boasts a long tradition of thermal tourism and a rich offer for the wellness, in accordance to a warm climate (winter is merciful, too) and the healing active ingredients of the saline mud and the brine of the Sicciole’s Salt Pans in the nearby.


The Christmas Markets will be the leads of the Portorose’s boardwalk for the whole month of December until the 1st January 2018, with a large range of homemade local products, including olive oil, Piran salt, cheese, jams, honey and aromatic herbs.


Edited by the Portorose Tourist Board

Edited by the Slovenian Authority for the Tourism


  • Passport/identity card valid for the expatriation

Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

Let’s talk about the capital and the most densely populated of Antigua and Barbuda, an insular Country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean (north and east) and the Caribbean Sea (south and west). If you want to catch all the different typical shades, it’s better to visit it by foot, as the National Tourism Authority in Antigua and Barbuda suggests.


The recommended stops are the pedestrian area in Heritage Quay, with the shops and the luxury boutiques, the ancient area of Redcliffe Quay, Long Street, Church Street, the street that leads to the Cathedral (now closed for a big renovation project) and Market Street, with its market rich of fruit and local products.


Edited by the National Authority for Tourism in Antigua and Barbuda


  • Passport with unexpired term of validity of 6 months at the entrance in the Country
  • Unrequested travel visa for a 90 days stay (in possession of the return ticket)

Corralejo, Spain

Situated in the municipality of La Oliva, in the northern area of Fuerteventura’s island, Corralejo is «immersed in an unusual landscape, shaped by soft dunes» and «combines the fascination of the typical maritime village with the chaotic touristic life», as the Spanish Office for Tourism describes.


As well as Playa de las Américas and the other localities in the Canary Island, Corralejo boasts one of the best climates in the world, also in winter. Among the strengths of the city, there is the Natural Park: 9 km of boundless beaches that alternates with small bays, with fine white sand bathed by crystal clear water.

It is a coastal zone «divided in two sides that contrast harmoniously between each other», as Promotur Turismo Canarias underlines. On the northern area, there is «the biggest dune field in the Canary Islands», while in the southern part there’s a volcanic landscape, «with ocher and red colours, and rough and evocative appearance».


Visit Corralejo

Edited by La Oliva Tourism

Tourism in Spain

Edited by the Spanish Office for Tourism

Ciao Isole Canarie

Edited by Promotur Turismo Canarias


  • passport/identity card valid for going abroad

Akumal, Mexico

In Mayan language, Akumal, a locality that looks out onto the Caribbean Sea, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, means “the land of turtles”. Every year, on Akumal’s beaches, a thousand turtles arrive to end their reproductive cycle. The turtles are studied and protected by the expert of the Centro Ecologico Akumal, actively involved to protect the marine ecosystem and the local biodiversity.


The bay of Akumal is a stunning one, because of the beaches and the clear water of the Caribbean sea and also for the cenote, namely the caves and caverns with fresh water. It’s a real paradise for the snorkeling and the scuba diving lovers.


Edited by the Touristic Promotion Council of Mexico

Edited by the Sea cura della Segreteria per lo Sviluppo del Turismo – Governo dello Stato dello Yucatán


  • Passport with unexpired term of validity of 6 months at the entrance in the Country
  • Unrequested travel touristic visa for a 180 days stay

Catania, Italy

«Colorful and loud, Catania is the volcano city. Grim and stark as a moody god, the Mount Etna overlooks the continuous coming and going that enlivens the city streets […] it’s a dark city, builded with the black stones of the volcano and anyway absolutely cheerful and bright».  That’s how the Regione Siciliana website describes Catania, the second metropolitan city of Sicily.


Catania looks out onto the Ionean Sea and it has a lot to offer: from the architectural heritage to art, from the lava cliffs to the beaches with golden sand, from the vivacity of the ancient fish market, the Pescheria, to the wonders hidden under the city, from the art exhibition to the rich enogastronomic offer.


Visit Sicily

Edited by the Department for Tourism Sport and Spectacle for the Sicily Region

Catania Turismo

Edited by the Catania Commune

Key West, USA

The southernmost point in the USA is Key West, a city that rises in the namesake island. It’s one of the Florida Keys’ island, closer to Cuba than to Miami.


The sun shines throughout the year, the palms flank the streets, the houses with the roofs covered in tin, the abode of Ernest Hemingway, people in the Mallory Square’s pier that enjoy the sunset, fishing and scuba diving in the water that divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, the nightlife.


The Florida Keys and Key West

Edited by Monroe County Tourist Development Council

Visit Florida

Edited by the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation

Notes: for the necessary documents to the entrance in the USA, we suggest you to refer to the website U.S. Visas

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