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Wednesday, 06 December 2017

After the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2017, the chart of the most booked destinations through the portal, it’s time for the 6tour Top Destination Trends 2018, a look at the destinations that will start new trends in the next twelve months.

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6tour Top Destinations Trend 2018


Which elements could we underline? First, a geographic distribution of the destinations that is more balanced than the one of the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2017, ruled by European cities and destinations.

Among the twenty Trend Cities 2018, nine of them are European, ten are spread among Asia and Americas and one, Istanbul, industrial, financial and cultural center in Turkey, is over Europe and Asia. Among the twenty Trend Countries 2018, thirteen are European and seven are distributed among Asia and Americas.

Are Africa and Oceania disappeared? Of course not. They aren’t among the most booked destinations in 2017 and among the trend destinations in 2018, but they are present. There will certainly be clients that would like to reach Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in Australia or Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, just to mention some destinations situated on the south of equator.

Let’s move from the geographic distribution to the themes that the 6tour Top Destination Trends 2018 broadcast. Let’s focus especially on the section Trend Cities 2018, with the sea topic and the destinations that overlook the Mediterranean Sea: Naples (Italy), Nice (France), Cannes (France), Monte Carlo (Monaco) e Fira (Greece).


Mediterranean doesn’t mean only sea, but also history, culture, traditions, art, flavours. Moreover, in the section Trend Cities 2018, sea doesn’t rhymes only with Mediterranean, because there are also other destinations bathed by salt water. You can suggest Varadero (Cuba) and Nusa Dua (Indonesia) to your clients that are searching for hot weather, sun, beaches, relax, fun and water sports. This last place, furthermore, is a destination to refer to for everyone wants to live luxury experiences.

Helsinki (Finland) overlooks the sea too, and, by the way, it has 100 km of coast, but who will look at the Finnish capital city won’t do that for diving in the Baltic sea. The strength of Helsinki are others, especially the design and the architecture.


Also San Francisco (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), L’Avana (Cuba) are bathed by the sea and oceans, but you know very well that the strength of these cities aren’t the salt waters. Los Angeles, Tokyo e Bangkok, by the way, are metropolis. To reach a metropolis means immerse in a kaleidoscope of experiences, sometimes confusing and conflicting.


The metropolis contrast with smaller and less chaotic cities: Verona (Italy), Salzburg (Austria) e Frankfurt (Germany). This last one is a top destination regarding business, while Salzburg and its namesake state are destinations to refer to for snow and winter sports lovers.

In the section Trend Cities 2018, moreover, at an extreme we find Las Vegas (USA), a city voted to fun and gambling, and at the other Kyoto (Japan), the so-called “city of temples”, famous also for its zen gardens. In addition, here’s Marrakech (Morocco), a bubbly city that mix innovation and tradition.


Before saying goodbye, let’s take a look at the section Trend Countries 2018, to point out the strong presence of the sea topic, with Greece, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Cuba, Maldives, Thailand and also Portugal and United Arab Emirates.

There is also an Orient topic, not only talking about Thailand, but also with Japan and Singapore, and a Europe topic, too. In addition to the Countries already mentioned before, there are Germanty, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Russia. We remind you that this last one will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Lastly, the evergreen United States of America.

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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