European cities and Countries dominate the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2017

Friday, 01 December 2017

Three weeks until Christmas 2017 and four until New Year’s Eve 2018. Here is on time the chart of the most booked destinations through the portal during the year.


In fact, it’s the European cities and Countries that dominate the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2017. In the Top 10 Cities, there are at least eight European cities: Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Prague and Venice. It is to notice that five of them are European capital cities and three are Italian cities. Two metropolis, an American and an Emirati one, complete the Top 10 Cities: New York and Dubai.

Top 10 Cities



The tricolour flag waves also on top of the Top 20 Countries, a chart where it’s always Europe who rules, with sixteen Countries in twenty in the Old Continent: Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Russian Federation, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and Belgium.

Top 20 Countries


Denmark, Ireland, Singapore and Belgium enter in the Top 20 Countries, respectively in the 21st, 24th, 28th and 30th position in the 6tour Top Destination Chart 2016. However, out of the Top 20 Countries, we can find Thailand, Switzerland, Croatia and Mexico, which were in the 14th, 15th, 18th and 20th position last year.

Beyond the European borders, besides Singapore, in the Top 20 Country 2017 USA, the United Arab Emirates and Japan have their place.


To confirm the capacity of attraction exerted by the Italy product is a recent focus by Euromonitor International, presented at the World Travel Market London 2017, according to, among the hundred most visited cities in the world (in 2016), four of them are Italian:

  • Rome is the 12th in the global chart and the third at European level, with 9,4 million of visitors
  • Milan has the biggest growth rate among the Italian cities, it is the 27th with 6,8 million of arrivals
  • Venice is the 38th with 5,2 million of international tourists
  • Florence is the 44th with 4,9 million of arrivals


«Although there isn’t any Italian city in the top ten and Rome receives less than half of the international arrivals registered by London, Italy represents the European Country with the highest number of cities in the chart, and all of them are increasing compared to last year», it’s written on a press release of Euromonitor International.


«The total of the international arrivals in the four Italian cities amount to 26 million, crossing the number of the foreign tourists that have visited the cities in the chart of any other European Country», as the note continues.

«Italy represents one of the most visited Country in the world by the international tourism. The number of arrivals in the Italian cities is continuously increasing, because they offer a unique mix of art, enogastronomy, culture, nature and architecture that attracts tourists from all over the world», according to Wouter Geerts, travel analyst employed in  Euromonitor International.


So, art, enoturism, gastronomy, culture, nature and architecture are the strength of the Italian cities, according to the expert. «However, a destination’s success depends also on other causes, such as the infrastructures, economic appeal, new technologies and security», adds Geerts.

The growth of the arrivals in Italy and in other Countries by the Mediterranean is promoted by the geopolitical instability in other European and Middle East Countries, as still written in the press release of Euromonitor International. Geerts explains: «The terrorist attacks in Middle East and North Africa, particularly in Tunisia and Egypt, but also in European cities such as Paris or Barcelona, have encouraged the increase of arrivals in destinations with a similar offer, such as Greece or Italy».

According Euromonitor International, the tourism in Italy will continue to grow and it will total up more than 60 million international arrivals within 2020, of which 10 million in Rome.

«It is a positive signal for the Belpaese, but pay attention to the touristic pressure in few historical center that is creating tension in different European cities, including Venice. It is important to diversify the offer and to enhance the value of the whole territory», concludes Geerts.

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