Get ready to rumble (because out there, they need you)

Friday, 05 January 2018

They need you out there. And they do not even know it. Because they think you make them spend more and that it is cheaper to find all by yourself through the web. Because they think, you propose the same packaged travel to everyone, without studying and providing solutions that lead to the most authentic and unique experiences possible. Because, in short, they do not know you well (or at all).

So, dear travel agents, get ready to rumble. Work hard to make sure that they know you out there. Invest time and resources to help people understand the added value that only you can guarantee them.


Before defining strategies and programs useful for “educating” your potential customers, you in the first place, have to be aware of the reasons why a person who wish to travel should rely on your advice. We will not tell you anything new, maybe. We simply would like to invite you to keep in mind why your work is so valuable.

Here are the reasons why people out there should come into your agency:

  • because you can work before, during and after the trip in order to keep people safe from stress and worries, and allow them to focus only on the experience they have chosen together with you
  • because it is not always true that when clients book on their own, through the web, allow them to save money, because you have access to privileged discounts and promotions and also because you offer additional services (breakfast included, entrance to the spa, etc. ) not available in the online booking channels addressing to final clients
  • because thanks to you, people do not only save money but also time, as you help them to get out of a myriad of offers (and some of them are not offers at all!) and because you are responsible for organizing the travel routes at best and to combine, as best as you can, flights, transfers, accommodation, itineraries, meals, exclusive tours, etc.
  • because you are clear and reliable, and you work to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as hidden charges and supplements that are not indicated in a transparent and exhaustive manner, and because, even in case of unforeseen circumstances, you always work to solve any problem


  • because you are familiar with travel insurance and you are able to understand what is the solution that best meets the different needs, and because you know how to inform and assist people regarding health with reference to the chosen destinations
  • because you are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide assistance on spot from far away, and ready to solve issues even in case of natural disasters
  • because you are constantly updated, on trends, on new rules of the market, on destinations (and on the documents needed to reach them and stay there) and on every other piece that makes up the great travel puzzle
  • because you are the tailor of the journey, able to assemble tailor-made experiences and itineraries, and to respond to the specific exigencies of a person, a couple, a family, a group, thanks to your listening skills, your experience and your network of relationships


All these “because” in our opinion, are more than enough to explain the added value that you can provide to people. And we think that, by reading them, they can help you to strengthen your desire to do your best every day, for your frequent and potential customers, and for you.

Good luck with your work. And get ready to rumble.

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