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Friday, 12 January 2018

Chile is the longest and thinnest Country in the world. It’s on the top of the Top 10 Countries of the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018* and, for the second consecutive year, it won the prize World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination at the World Travel Awards**, the most prestigious prizes of tourism.

At the World Travel Awards, Chile prevailed over Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand and USA; moreover, it won also the price South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination for the third consecutive year.

On 2018 falls also the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from Spain, dated February 12th 1818. This is another reason to reach and discover Chile, due to the events that will take place in every corner of the Country to celebrate the occasion.

In addition, in this year 2018, we will just report you, for each destination in the Magazine’s calendar, the institutional sources useful to learn more about them and build the travel itineraries for your clients. Please always remember, by the way, to build the travel itineraries together with them, and not all by yourself.

Basically, you will find some direct links to the principal sections of the websites, edited by the tourism authorities: it’s a kind of directory that, we hope, could simplify the research of all the information that you need for your work.

The institutional source to refer to for Chile is Chile Travel, the official website edited by the Servicio Nacional de Turismo (Sernatur) experts, available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sernatur experts edit also another institutional website, named Chile es Tuyo, available only in Spanish and developed for domestic tourism. Nothing forbid you to consult also Chile es Tuyo to learn more about the destination.

We also report This is Chile, the web portal edited by the Fundación Imagen de Chile, an organisation that promotes the image of Chile in the world, published in Spanish and English.

You can also refer to Marketing Kit Chile created by Sernatur, a toolkit where you can find pictures, videos, brochures and other useful materials to promote Chile as a touristic destination (available in Spanish, English, Japanese and Chinese).

Cile, where to go

North and Atacama Desert

San Pedro de Acatama

Alto El Loa




Copiapó Valley

Bahía Inglesa

Huasco Valley

Elqui Valley

La Serena and Coquimbo

Central area, Santiago and Valparaíso


Rancagua and Sewell


Valle Nevado

El Colorado

La Parva


Isla Negra




Robinson Crusoe Island


San Antonio / Leyda Valley

Maipo Valley

Casablanca Valley

Aconcagua Valley

Cachapoal Valley

Colchagua Valley

Curicò Valley

Maule Valley

Easter Island


Hanga Roa


Rano Kau


Rano Raraku

The South, its Lakes and Volcanoes

Arauco Territory

Pucón and Villarica

Temuco and Lago Budi



Valdivia and Corral


Osorno and Puyehue

Puerto Varas


Lago Llanquihue

Puerto Montt


Patagonia and Antarctica

Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales

Carretera Austral

General Carrera Lake

Coyhaique and Puerto Aysén

Punta Arenas

Tierra del Fuego

Puerto Williams and Capo Horn

Chile, what to do

About Chile

The section About Chile on Chile Travel provides concise information regarding:

  • safety
  • sports
  • language
  • religion
  • customs and traditions
  • history
  • gastronomy
  • art
  • literature and poetry
  • idiosyncrasy

 Chile, practical information

The section Practical Information of Chile Travel provide the following information:

  • how to get here
  • entering Chile
  • currency
  • climate
  • safety advice
  • national holidays
  • tourist information offices
  • contacts in Chile

Thank you and keep on working!

*Best in Travel 2018

Lonely Planet

** World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2017

World Travel Awards

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