Wedding travel: trends and destinations 2018

Friday, 16 February 2018

Personalization is one of the code word of travel market, and the wedding travels aren’t an exception. In terms of destinations and experiences, even the newlyweds that are most inclined to the tradition want to come back home with some unique memory, even just a detail.

You are the tailor-made agents, so you have all what it takes to help your clients to live a honeymoon tailored to their needs and their desires. First of all, we want to provide you some indications from the most recent focuses Destination Weddings and Honeymoons by Travel Agent Central.

Here’s an advice: the future newlyweds could enter in the travel agency without having previously agreed the destinations, the experiences and the activities. Ask them to write, each of them on a different sheet of paper, the most important aspects of their travel (for example culture, food, sport, nature, etc.).

Identify the elements in common and start from these same to help your clients to build their honeymoon travel. Without forcing and favoring nobody, then, propose the other pieces of the “puzzle” that allow to share at most the itineraries, the experiences and the activities. In other terms, support harmony and cooperation.


The couples that ask for your consultation for a wedding travel are older than the past. In Italy, for example, according to the statistical data of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), the unmarried grooms are about 35 years old and the unmarried brides are 32. Age matters.

It matters because the future newlyweds could have already lived important travel experiences, so they could walk through the door of your agency with significant knowledges and high expectations. It matters also because it could happen to help couples that have already children, so you will have to combine the needs of the newlyweds with these of their babies.



Through the newlyweds, especially with children, it seems that the so-called mini-moon is taking hold: it’s a few days honeymoon with their respective family of origin (and also friends), to which can follow a wedding travel in the proper meaning of the term. At the other extreme, you can find the so-called mega-moon, an “epic” honeymoon that includes various destinations.

The experts of Travel Agent Central invite also to consider the LGBT market, because the wedding travel aren’t only a prerogative of heterosexual couples.

Lastly, here’s the destination chapter. If you type “best wedding travel destinations 2018” or “best honeymoon destinations 2018” on a search engine, you will obtain thousand results. We want to draw your attention on two useful sources, for us.

The first is a search by hitched, a British company specialized in wedding planning, made on more than 8.000 pictures posted on Instagram with the hashtag #honeymoon an #honeymooners, in order to identify the most popular destinations.



It’s a useful source, because it shows how Instagram and other social network can help to find the inspiration and to understand the preferences of the final users. Here is the Top 10 based on the analysis of the pictures (the destinations found are 35 altogether):

  1. New York (USA)
  2. Kuta (Indonesia)
  3. Amalfi Coast (Italy)
  4. Magoodhoo (Maldives)
  5. Rome (Italy)
  6. Teluknarat (Indonesia)
  7. Ban Bang Bao (Thailand)
  8. Playa del Carmen (Mexico)
  9. Vaitape (French Polynesia)
  10. Singapore (Republic of Singapore)

The second source is an article of the American The Knot, another company specialized in wedding planning. It’s a useful source, because, for each month of the year, you could find the destinations with the best weather.

Enjoy your work!

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