Go for it (with the marketing)

Friday, 30 March 2018

You already know that they need you, out there, by virtue of the value added that you could offer to whom desires to travel. Also, you already know that the markets are conversations and that the social media marketing could help in «making significant connections with the clients».

The new marketing source that we want to point out is exactly involved with a social media, specifically with Facebook. It’s Trip Consideration, a tool for insertions that’s available only in the USA at the moment, but that we’ll see shortly in other markets, also in the Italian one.

Trip Consideration allows to «reach the users that desires to travel, but that still have not an idea about the possible destination», as the Ninja Marketing experts explain.


In the USA, according to a research by GfK, the 68% of Millennials found inspiration for a trip on Facebook, and the 60% on Instagram, one of the most popular app in travel, acquired by the blue social network in 2012. Consider also that you could view the Facebook insertions on Instagram and on Audience Network, a network of app and websites that, even if separate from Facebook, show the Facebook insertions inside its published content.

We suggest you to keep an eye on Trip Consideration and to test its effectiveness when it will be available in your Country. Anyway, we suggest you to learn more about the marketing tools available on Facebook. You can also refer to the Facebook Business information and guides, and to the Facebook Blueprint free courses.


Marketing doesn’t exhaust its potential only in the social networks area, neither in the wider digital area (websites, blogs, etc.); also, it can also manage multiple strategies and relating techniques. There are plenty of marketing typologies and techniques.

Sure is that using the social networks at best for marketing seems kind of essential, but getting along without the “offline” marketing strategies, tools and occasions could be a counterproductive choice.

We don’t want to indicate you some easy-to-use solutions, because we can’t, they don’t exist. It’s up to you to focus your business objectives and define the so-called buyer persona, the ideal client to whom turn your attentions and your marketing initiatives.


It’s up to you to inform yourself, to form and to learn new skills; if necessary, it’s up to you to rely on a marketing expert, to develop a marketing plan and a strategy taylor-made for your needs.

Go for it!

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