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Friday, 20 July 2018

The pieces of architecture have always been one of the principal elements that help in defining the identity of a destination. Let’s think, for example, to the Colosseum (80 p. Chr. n.), the symbol of Rome par excellence, or to the Parthenon (V century p. Chr. n.), associated everywhere to the city of Athens, or, moreover, to the Pyramid of Cheops, Khafra and Menkaure and to the Great Sphinx of Giza, in Egypt.

Anyway, it’s especially in the last twenty years that architecture assumed a more preponderant role in tourism, not only regarding the hospitality, but also in the creation of a destination, as underlines Terry Stevens in a speech published on CLAD (Community of Leisure Architects & Designers).


Regarding creating a destination, the tytle of Steven’s article is clear: Build and they will come. It always aims for daring, and sometimes challenging, architectures, both to regenerate and differentiate an urban or extra-urban context, and to build, even out of nowhere, structures and conurbations destined to become a competitive destination at a global level. Let’s think to Dubai or to Singapore.


So, that’s the reason for the development of proposals focused on architecture tourism. As well as specialised travel agencies, actually, in these years a wide number of initiatives strictly bounded with architecture are borning. It’s the case, for example, of the Milan Arch Week, promoted by the Municipality of Milan under the so-called “week strategy”, aimed at making Milan more and more attractive, also under its leisure aspect.


Here is also why the travel articles focused on architectures pieces are multiplying. As well as referring to institutional websites of the tourism authorities, and specifically to the pages dedicated to architecture (for ex. Architecture in Norway), if you want to learn more about it you can search on Google and similar with themed keywords (for ex. Best architectures).

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