Cities and touristic GDP, the World Travel & Tourism Council ranks

Friday, 09 November 2018

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) published the 2018 edition of the City Travel & Tourism Impact Report*, the annual focus that shows the gross domestic product (GDP) generated by tourism in the main touristic cities.




The 45% of international travels, in 2017, focused on cities and generated 625 billion dollars (6,7% GDP) in the 72** destinations present on the focus.

However, it’s the domestic tourism which represented the most of the costs related to travels and tourism in the cities, with a share of 73%, versus the 27% of international tourism.

Moreover, still talking about costs, the leisure tourism leisure dominated the scene, with a share of 78%, respect to the 22%, proficiency of the business tourism instead.





Another prominent element concerns the growth of the GDP generated by tourism in the cities of the emerging markets and in the developing nations ones. In the last ten years «there has been a clear change of position from North to South and from West to East», as the WTTC writes.

Here are other evidences revealed by the focus:

  • Among the principal destinations, Bangkok, Paris, Mexico City and Tokyo are the cities that contribute the most to their Countries in terms of touristic GDP, with respectively the 50,4%, the 29,8%, the 24% and 20,2%.
  • Cairo, Istanbul, Antalya and Teheran got back into the scene in a strong way, due to a growth of, respectively, the 34,4%, the 13,1%, the 9,2% and the 9%
  • Hong Kong and Macao registered the highest cost, referred to International visitors; after them, we can find Dubai, New York, Bangkok, Singapore, Shenzhen, Istanbul, Miami and London
  • Macao and Dublin are the destinations in which the touristic GDP depends the most on the International visitors, with the 97%, followed by Dubrovnik (92%) and Istanbul (91%)
  • Cancun, Orlando and Antalya are the cities in which, on the contrary, the touristic GDP depends the most on the leisure tourism, with percentages of respectively 49,6%, 18,7% and 17,6%
  • Except for Marrakech, in the next ten years, the cities that will register the fastest growth in the terms of touristic GDP will be placed to the Asia Pacific region

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*Source: WTTC City Travel & Tourism Impact Report 2018

**The WTTC divided the 72 cities of the focus in four categories:

  • Capital cities
  • Main cities (the biggest cities in terms of population)
  • Port cities (cities with a big port)
  • Secondary cities (cities with a prominent economic role in their respective Countries)
  • Leisure cities (cities in which the leisure tourism is the dominant tranche)


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