Ski destinations for children in Europe and USA

Friday, 14 December 2018

Skiing with mom and dad, of course, but not only that, because in children, especially the little ones, cold, tiredness and also boredom could be strong, after a while. In case of lack of services designed for the needs of families with children, for the parents, a holiday in the snow could turn our complicated, or even stressful.

So, here’s a selection of some of the ski destinations that offer the best answers to the needs of big and little ones, in Europe and USA. It’s a selection based on the suggestions of European Best Destinations e U.S. News. Needless to say that only you could provide an added value to your clients, and make sure that the suggested destinations fit perfectly with their specific needs.

Ski destinations for children in Europe

Ski destinations for children in the USA

Family Vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho – 2019 from Visit Sun Valley on Vimeo.

Before saying goodbye, we want to share with you the words of the Association of the Italian Ski Instructors (AMSI, in Italian) regarding the first approaches of children to skiing. They could be useful for answering the eventual questions of your clients.

«The child could start to play in the snow by using sledding tools already at three/four years old. At this age, it’s not possible to think to apply a specific didactic technique, but the instructor’s task is to act as a guide for experimenting a new world. The school camps represent an essential element in this phase and, not without reason, they’re organized in order to develop different skills and they’re structured in order to guarantee the maximum security. In substance, at three/four years old, children are too little to be set up in the standard hour of the lesson, while they react better to an individual action. At this age, it’s better to think to reduced time lessons, and to share them with brothers or friends, by alternating each other. If there will be a positive answer, the next step could be a complete time individual lesson. After the age of five/six, when the child has already learned to socialize in the scholastic environment, the collective lesson, together with the lesson for small groups (up to five people) is, without any doubr, the most indicated one.».

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