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Friday, 08 February 2019

Paris has what it takes. With her 120.000 rooms distributed on more than 2.000 accommodation solutions, the Ville Lumière is one of the leader European Capital cities in the world for hotel occupancy. As the Paris Tourist Office explains, more than half of the overnight stays registered in the main city of France are due to business travel.

Paris has what it takes. Everyday about 300 events take place in Paris and every year new locations increase the charme of the destination. There is a service – Openings and closures – curated by the Paris Tourist Office, that allows you to keep up with the openings (and closures) regarding the stays, gastronomy, culture, shopping, free time and projects for the development of the city.

Regarding the development of the city, we suggest you to follow the project Grand Paris, to discover the Paris of the future. Through the many sources to refer to, we point you out the website of the Métropole du Grand Paris and an article by Atout France, the Agency for the touristic development in France, dedicated to some pieces of architecture that will transform Paris.


More numbers, before we say goodbye. You can following find some numbers updated to January 2018 and provided still by the Paris Tourist Office:

  • 37 bridges
  • 10.100 tons of steel in the Eiffel Tower
  • 465 parks and gardens

  • 2.000 animal species
  • 6.500 years of history
  • 450 annual representations at the Opéra national de Paris
  • 500 daily movies scheduled
  • 5.738 restaurants
  • More than 10 shootings per day and 5.000 cinematographic locations
  • 100 Countries represented during the fashion salons
  • 25 frescos in the street art path in the 13° arrondissement

  • 200 statues and vases in the Tuileries Garden
  • 36.000 works exposed in the Louvre
  • 200 churches
  • 17.500 boutiques and 4 shopping centers
  • 82 days of discounts per year
  • 15 convention centers and expositions
  • More than 600.000 square metre of exhibition area

If the numbers and the information published on Paris Info by the Paris Tourist Office are not enough, glance the curiosities proposed on Atlas Obscura.

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Ps: you too have what it takes!

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