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Thursday, 01 August 2019

Prague is, since 1993, the capital of Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union since 1994 who has not adopted Euro as value. The official value is the Czech koruna (Kč/CZK).

The year 2019 represents, for Prague and for Czech Republic, the 30th anniversary of the so-called Velvet Revolution, «the political process that leaded to the dissolution of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia between November and December 1989». On 1993, Slovakia and Czech Republic split pacifically. USA and the EU immediately recognized both nations.

The focus 1989, edited by Prague City Tourism, is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution; on it, it’s possible to learn more about the history and the personalities that leaded Prague and the Czech Republic to democracy and to discover the events scheduled on 2019 to celebrate the anniversary.

On 2018, hotels, guesthouses, hostels and campings in Prague hosted almost 8 million visitors (7.895.002) and registered more than 18 million overnight stays (18.256.481).


Regarding the International markets, the higher number of overnight stays are due to tourists from Germany, Russian Federation, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, China, Slovakia and South Korea.


The diagram and the table above are extracted from the document 2018 Annual Report Prague City Tourism. You can consult further statistics and analysis in the section Statistics and analysis of Prague City Tourism.

If you want to learn more about Prague, the institutional website to refer to is, published in more languages and with free themed booklets. Resonance Consultancy inserted Prague between the best 2019 cities for the artistic, cultural, culinary and entertainment offer. In 2018, Prague Christmas Market was one of the most rated on European Best Destinations

Before saying goodbye, we want to remind you that Prague was also one of the European Capitals of Culture on 2000, together with Reykjavík (Iceland), Bergen (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Bruxelles (Belgium), Kraków (Poland), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Avignon (France) and Bologna (Italy).

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