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Friday, 18 October 2019

In this period, in Australia, it’s spring, while, north of the equator, it’s autumn. In the widest Country in Oceania, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2018 – and until June 20199 million and 300.000 arrivals have been registered from foreign Countries for short terms travels, so less than one year. The average stay was specifically 11 days.

The 9 million and 300.000 international arrivals don’t correspond to the number of visitors from foreign Countries, but to borders crossing, as ABS explains. So, it’s possible that a person could have reached Australia more than once.


People who crossed the Australian border were more women than men: specifically, 4 million and 900.000 women and 4 million and 500.000 men. The mean age was 40 for women and 41 for men. The highest number of arrivals is due to visitors from 15 and 29 years.

The main reason for the international arrivals in Australia was holiday (47%). The visit to friends and relatives (30%), business travels (7,3%) and study trips (6,5%) come after.

The foreign Country from which there have been more arrivals was China (1 million and 433.000). The second place is for New Zealand (1 million and 407.000), the third is for USA (812.000).

From the fourth to the tenth place, we can find United Kingdom (Channel Islands and Isle of Man included), Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and South Korea.


More datas and information regarding the tourism in Australia are available in English in the section Markets & Stats on Tourism Australia, while is the institutional multilingual website for the touristic promotion of the Country.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that from Saturday 26 October 2019 it will be forbidden to climb the Ayers Rock.

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