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Thursday, 31 October 2019

In 2018, 50 million of tourists visited Los Angeles County, the most densely populated one in the USA. It’s a new record. For the eighth consecutive year, Los Angeles and its surroundings have registered a touristic growth. The 50 million visitors were one of the goals defined for 2020 in the Tourism Master Plan*: it’s a goal reached two years in advance.

Among the 50 million visitors in 2018, the main ones went for domestic tourism (42 million and 500.000), while the international tourists were 7 million and 500.000, as we can read on a report published on the institutional website Discover Los Angeles.

17 million and 200.000 people visited same-day Los Angeles and its surroundings, while 32 million and 800.000 stayed overnight. The lodging occupancy rate – the relationship in percentage between the available accommodation solutions and the sold ones – was about the 79,6%.

ART169-img-corpo1-760pxThe first international market for Los Angeles County in 2018 was Mexico (1 million and 800.000 tourists), the second one was China (1 million and 200.000), the third was Canada (780.000).


Australia (426.000), United Kingdom (382.000), Japan (349.000), South Korea (335.000), France (307.000), Germany (237.000), Scandinavia (190.000), Middle East (138.000) and India (130.000) complete the rank of the major international market.


Regarding the principal reasons that pushed people to visit Los Angeles and surroundings, the domestic leisure was the main one with a percentage of 60%, while the international one reached the 19%. The 17% went for domestic business travel, the 4% for international ones.

Before saying goodbye, we want to report also other institutional web sources, useful to learn more about Los Angeles and stay connected on the news and the events scheduled in the city and in the whole county: the focus on Los Angeles and the one on Los Angeles region edited by Visit California.

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ps: for cinema passionates, Los Angeles is an unmissable place, and the city boasts one of the most visited graveyards in the world, the Hollywood Forever.

* City of Los Angeles Tourism Master Plan by City of Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development

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