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Friday, 13 December 2019

Which travel destinations will you propose to your clients for 2020? Each of you will answer, strong of your added value and aware that you should listen carefully the needs of every client. This, because the best travel destinations are, definitively, the ones that best correspond to the needs (and to the budget) of the clients that ask for your consultation.


You may already know that Lonely Planet published its Best in Travel 2020. «We ask every year to our authors and editors all around the world to report their destinations for the next year. After heated arguments, our jury of experts reduce this long list to only 10 Countries, 10 regions, 10 cities and 10 low cost destinations», as the Australian publishing house explains.


It continues as follow: «Each destination is selected because it’s actual, exciting and surprising. Moreover, we take seriously the sustainable tourism, in order to help you to have a positive impact wherever you will decide to go ». So, here’s the best destinations for 2020 according to Lonely Planet’s experts.


Top 10 Countries


  1. Bhutan
  2. England
  3. North Macedonia
  4. Aruba
  5. eSwatini (ex Swaziland)
  6. Costa Rica
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Liberia
  9. Morocco
  10. Uruguay


Top 10 Cities


  1. Salzburg (Austria)
  2. Washington D.C. (USA)
  3. Cairo (Egypt)
  4. Galway (Ireland)
  5. Bonn (Germany)
  6. La Paz (Bolivia)
  7. Kochi (India)
  8. Vancouver (Canada)
  9. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  10. Denver (USA)


Top 10 Region


  1. Silk Road (Central Asia)
  2. Le Marche (Italy)
  3. Tōhoku (Japan)
  4. Maine (USA)
  5. Lord Howe Island (Australia)
  6. Guìzhōu Province (Cina)
  7. Cádiz Province (Spain)
  8. Northeast Argentina
  9. Kvarner Gulf (Croatia)
  10. Brazilian Amazon (Brazil)


Top 10 Low cost Destination


  1. East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia)
  2. Budapest (Hungary)
  3. Madhya Pradesh (India)
  4. Buffalo (USA)
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Serbia
  7. Tunisia
  8. Cape Winelands (South Africa)
  9. Athens (Greece)
  10. Zanzibar (Tanzania)


Lonely Planet is, without any doubts, a reference point for the travel enthusiasts and the authorised personnel, but it’s not the only source you can take the cue from, for your proposals. Among the others, we want to report the Top 30 Emerging Travel Destinations for 2020 di Travel Lemming.


Travel Lemming is a project created by the travel blogger Nate Hake, dedicated to suggest to the travellers destinations that are far from the so-called overtourism.


Every year, Hake and his collaborators ask to governments and tourism association to list the best trend destinations in their respective territories. The list is judged by some of the most famous travel bloggers, whose vote are not only based on the destinations that have already visited, but also considering the ones on the list that would like to visit in the future.


So, here’s the Top 30 Emerging destinations suggested by Travel Lemming for 2020:


  1. Georgia (Europa)
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Cook Islands
  4. Rwanda
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Ecuador
  7. Gothenburg (Sweden)
  8. Churchill (Canada)
  9. Dominica
  10. Uzbekistan
  11. Launceston (Australia)
  12. Rovinj (Croatia)
  13. Namibia
  14. Aarhus (Denmark)
  15. Northern Territory (Australia)
  16. Prince Edward Island
  17. Colorado Springs (Colorado)
  18. La Paz (Mexico)
  19. Estonia
  20. Lausanne (Svizzera)
  21. Southern Laos
  22. Lebanon
  23. Poznań (Poland)
  24. Paso Robles (California)
  25. Navarre Beach (Florida)
  26. McLaren Vale (Australia)
  27. Laurel Highlands (Pennsylvania)
  28. Azerbaijan
  29. Paraguay
  30. Ethiopia


Before saying goodbye, we want to report that, for each destination suggested by Travel Lemming for 2020, you will find in the original article the best period to visit it and its principal attractions.


Enjoy your work with 6tour!


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