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Monday, 21 December 2015

“You love India or it upsets you”. These are the words of many tourists who have visited this Country.
India is a continent that leaves you reflecting, comparing, exploring and looking for themselves.
It’s a part of the world so wide and varied, with a quick touristic development over the last years: hundreds of thousands tousists come to this magical, coloured and exotic land every year. India needs more trips to be explored and understood completely, both if you follow a tour or if you go independently.

More hotels to explore India

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Which are the destinations to suggest to your customers?

From Himalaya to desert there are so many destinations to suggest to your customers. There are arduous places in India as well as many national celebrations, temples of every kind and breath-taking natural parks in 29 States and 7 territories.
Before advicing, the travel agent real task is understanding the kind of tourist in front of his face and the trip he expects. Here below some ideas to know better your clients expectations in order to arrange your offer:

  • for families with sons not so interested in cultural and religious aspects the best is suggesting natural parks. It seems to be easy but you’ll have 100 destinations to propose! Green areas cover just the 1% of all India but there are landscapes of any kind. For example we recommend the following national parks where we offer excellent hotels: Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Rathambore, Corbett (North India) and Khajuraho.
  • for young and fond of adventure people you can propose most lively cities such as Mumbai (socio-economic as well as Bollywood homeland) and Calcutta, known as India’s spiritual capital.
    In these places your customers will certify the real life-standard of their same age people and they will see how India opposites are at the order of the day. A real social trip to discover the culture, the architecture and the Indian political history.
  • for adult people that usually prefer a comfortable trip you can suggest spiritual destinations, for example Rishikesh and the old city of Haridwar (Uttarahand, North India), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh, North India), Amritsar (Punjab, North India) and Bodh Gaya (Bihar, Oriental India).
  • for those with spiritual interests we recommend to visit Rajasthan, the super-touristic and very fascinating west State. If you go there (maybe travelling it with-a-driver car locally rent) we suggest Jaipur, Nawalgarh, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Bundi, Pushkar, Agra, New Delhi.

Which hotels are better to choose?

Despite offers any kind of accommodation solution, in India’s case we recommendonly the following two typologies: the family-run and small guest house or the 4-5 stars hotels.
The first ones are generally cheap and comfortable but they have few rooms and good but basic services, while the second ones give your clients the chance to relax after long travelling days and to live in comfort. Many of 4-5 stars hotels derive from some marajas residences transformed into accommodation solutions!

Best periods to visit India

In most of the Country the weather is tropical and characterized by monsoons which cause the dry and rainy season. Rains are more or less intense and long-lasting according to the place but, in general, the most rainy period is between July and September, except for the south-east area where the monsoon blows till the end of the year. The hottest period is between April and the first half of June, before the monsoon arrival: so the real summer corresponds to the calendar spring.

India’s little tastes for your customers

To let your clients understand as best as they can India’s atmosphere, we have chosen for you some videos to share with them. Few minutes full of emotions, sensations, advices and panoramas coming from every part of India. Have a good view!

Travel Tips for South India
Video duration: 7′ 32”

India in a glance:
a 6 month adventure
Video duration: 3′ 37”

India with family
Video duration: 3′ 24”

India in a couple
Video duration: 4′ 48”

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