East Mediterranean Destinations – Greece

Monday, 21 December 2015

The east Mediterranean destinations

20150525-mediterraneanmap2In this special issue we talk about the Mediterranean coasts, about its beauty and its safety too. We will study all Countries where we have added availabilities and here we will focus in particular on the east area of the Mediterranean sea. Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt: a leap in different Countries which share their sea exotic heat.

Here an useful summary to arrange your offers.


Greece is sun and divinities homeland, heroes and beauty cult land. Light blue domes, white houses, windmill and monuments are exposed to clear waters sandy beaches. The seabord is surrounded by majestic views and uncontaminated places, these ones animated by an intense nightlife and enriched by old art and Venetian and French architectural styles. The capital, Athens, holds the most important monuments of the world: it’s a modern and lively city embellished by epic relics, archeological museums and happy squares with typical taverns.
Archipelagos: Ionian islands (among these Corfu), Argo-Saronic Gulf (close to Athens), Euboea (second island for size), Sporades islands (among these Skiathos and Skopelos Islands), Aegean islands (among these Chios and Samothrace), Cyclades islands (among these Mikonos, Santorini or Amorgos), Dodecanese islands (among these Symi, Lipsi and Tilos small islands) and Crete (the greatest island).
Travel style: relax, culture, sea, excursions, food tourism.
Greece weather is typically Mediterranean on the coasts and on the islands. Winters are temperate and rainy: rains are particularly plentiful on the West-exposed coasts (in Corfu it rains 200mm in December) and on islands close to Turkey. In northern mountain areas, on the other hand, winters are cold and snowy. Islands and coasts summers are hot and sultry but toned down by breezes while in the inland and in the great cities there’s an intense heat: Thessaloniki’s temperatures reach 35/36°C in July and August.
Best period: June – half September
If your customers are looking for sun and sea baths the perfect period is between June and half September, when the skies are limpid and the heat is intense but tolerable.
Safety: green light
The economic and politic situation has slightly improved although there are still demonstrations and strikes, in particular in the public area. It is recommended to keep updated through local and international mass media to check if roads are accessible and services are regularly supplied (ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc.) during Greece stay. See more information on your governative website.

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