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Monday, 21 December 2015

20150525-mediterraneanmap2Sun, sea and culture: the most efficient elements which attract great flows of international tourists. With no doubts the Mediterranean area has a maternal and generous nature from which traditions and really inimitable lifestyles are generated. Western history homeland, the Mediterranean sea is still today the core of civil discussions in order to improve and to change people destiny. The sea is really wider than its coasts: it attracts everything around giving birth to an enormous continent that unites Europe, Asia and Africa. A land where everything was premature so men created, also fighting, their shared history scenery. Here society determing exchanges happened and will happen. In this special issue we will talk about the Mediterranean destinations, about its beauty and its safety too.
We will study the Countries where we have added availabilities, focusing in particular on the Mediterranean Western area. Malta, Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Morocco: a leap in different Countries which share their sea exotic heat.

Old and modern history homeland, the Mediterranean sea and its people still have an exotic and mysterious charm that is not able to slow down the primordial instinct to live freely. Here below a summary to arrange your offers.


Sun, seaside and spices scent: Tunisia is a charming destination, old and modern at the same time, guided by its people incredible and legendary hospitality. The Country has 8 archeological sites recognized by Unesco and the most attractive place, from a touristic point of view, is Djerba Island, also named “Mediterranean nice gem”, “oblivion island”, “peace oasis” or “dream land”. Finest white sand long beaches, fringed by dunes and palms, make this island a characteristical destination to experience and to taste Mediterranean coasts.
Travel styles: relax, sea
Weather: Tunisia weather is double: Mediterranean on the northern coasts with temperate and rainy winters and hot and sunny summers; semidesert or desert in the inland areas. Temperatures are mild on the coast reaching a maximum of 15/16°C in winter and 31/32°C in summer.
Best period: June – September
On the northern coast the sea is quite hot from July to September while it is decisively cold from December to May. On the other hand the souther coast is protected by atlantic flows so water temperatures are slightly higher: a beach stay is pleasurable until October. To visit Tunisi, the other cities on the coast and the northern uplands, it is suggested the intermediate seasons: April, May and October.
Safety: pay attention
Coastal areas can be overpassed but there are safety measures in the inland and in the capital. It is not suggested to reach Libya border crossing and, more in general, Tataouine area border. It is also not suggested to move to or to hike in the areas close Algeria borders. It is recommended to pay special attention in public places avoiding gatherings and crowds in Tunisi and in the other touristic. See more information on your governative website.

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