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Monday, 21 December 2015

To make you relax during this fruitful working period, with this new issue of 6tour Magazine we would like to tell you about a Country you know well, but it always hides unexpected surprises: Thailand.

+300% is the reservations increase towards Thailand recorded by 6tour over the last two years. An increase in part due to more hotel avilabilities and in part due to the great cultural change the Western culture is facing in favor of the Oriental one: in fact, over the last years we registered a strong trend to explore meditation, contemplation and Thailand as well as all other Asiatic Countries typical lifestyle. A not random at all lifestyle because all is addressed to the inner peace and to the pacific living together search.

This Focus on Destination idea is to support creation and arrangement of trips to Thailand taking into consideration customers tastes and the best periods to go.

6tour + Thailand

n. cities reached from 400
n. available hotel solutions: 6537
Chart 2014
Top5 cities

  1. Karon Beach
  2. Bangkok
  3. Kata Beach
  4. Patong Beach
  5. Chaweng Beach
Top5 bizarre cities
(…yes, you can book them on

  1. Lop Buri
    place of an immense archeological heritage
  2. Nathon
    boarding jetty city toward Ko Pha Ngan
  3. Sukhothai
    homeland of the namesake archeological park
  4. Nakhon Ratchasima 
    third biggest city after Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  5. Hat Yai 
    economic centre of primary importance

Nature and Sport in Thailand

From muay thai to savage elephants, Thai cultural and natural view offers infinite ideas to go through new experiences. Here the leading destinations and activities to suggest to customers:

  • Khao Yai National Park. 3 hours from Bangkok North, this natural park is not so crowded and it offers many diving activities, swimming and scouting.
  • Khao Sok National Park.Khao Sok, in the Country South, is one of the most beautiful park of the world, rich of mines, woods, rivers, lakes and calcareous rock inlets. It is not a so popular destination but if a long-period trip is expected it can be included in the itinerary.
  • Trekking into the jungle. Many parks offer jungle trekking activities: the most important starting points are Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.
  • Dream divings. For those who love sub activities, Kao Tao isle is perfect to enjoy of Thai marine landscapes. For those who are less familiar with it but however they want to taste a little bit, they can be suggested with Ko Lanta, Ko Surin Nuea and Similian islands.
  • Taking trains by day. The trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai are less expensive and they give the chance to admire breath-taking panoramas. But pay attention: suggest the customers to take a good book because it’s a long way!
  • Riding and helping elephants: in Thailand you can feel the thrill to ride an elephant. It’s a unique experience and, at the same time, it puts men in contact with the fantastic world of these mammalian animals. Unfortunately, on the other hand, poachers are always in ambush and they hit elephants more in captivity. The Elephant Conservation Center is the leading touristic and naturalistic organization in Thailand that arranges excursions and touristic activities, fighting at the same time against the violence over the animals.
  • Muay thai self defend. Thai box is teached in many camps all over the Country. There can be full time trainings as well as those one interchanged with touristic activities to discover Thai culture.

To rediscover oneself

Introspection and meditation homeland, Thailand is also known for its Budddhist monks. Their orange sackcloth paints the small villages and the farest promontories. Here the leading stages to suggest to customers who are wishful to rediscover themselves in Thailand:

  • Adventure in Chiang Mai centre. Chiang Mai includes old Thai cities embellished by original temples protected by the deepest jungle. Discovering this ancient civilization enriches the explorer soul, making him appreciate the Asiatic mysticism birth.
  • To visit old capitals. Nel tragitto tra Chiang Mai e Bengkok ci sono tre antiche capitali. Sukhothai, Lopcuri e Ayutthaya. Qui si può assaporare l’animo intenso dei tailandesi e delle loro In the journey between Chiang Mai and Bangkok there are three ancient capitals: Sukhothai, Lopcuri and Ayutthaya. Here it is possible to taste Thai people and their traditions intense spirit.
  • To admire the Wat Doi Suthep. XV century Buddhist Temple immersed in the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, 10 miles out of Chiang Mai. It is reachable by tram from the city centre.

Culture and traditions: not banal destinations

What’s new about Thailand can you propose to customers? A Thai cooking course: there are many ones both in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok and these would be a good token to come home. Book the hotel on 6tour and then contact directly the course organizer to reserve customers seats.

Or send them visiting Thailand during the Sonkran: they will surely freshen up with the enormous water fight all over the Country (see art.”Fashion tourism trends and Asian events in 2015″).

Finally, make them breaking the rules arranging an itinerary in Isaan, Thai most north-Oriental area. This decisively rural place is characterized by small local villages rarely attended by tourists. A real trip to the Country essence.

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