USA: one continent, many trip typologies (part 2)

Monday, 21 December 2015

We continue our focus on USA talking about its most historical and cultural side. It surely happened to you to have customers looking for information about on-the-road trips in the USA.

From Route 66 to Broadway Studios, the USA cultural and historical side remains a legend to discover. If you want to offer good solutions with competitive rates and let your customer proceed in complete autonomy … you’re reading the right article: for each trip tipology we have selected for you the leading destinations and activities to propose to your clients!

In this issue we will talk about:

  • On-the-road trips destinations
  • Cultural USA
  • Destinations for music and shows lovers

On-the-road trips destinations

Founding fathers road, the Lincoln Highway represents one of the American most historical itinerary.
Leading destinations: New York, Princeton, Gettysburg, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Omaha, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, San Francisco.
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The Historic US Route 66, American history’s protagonist, is part of any tourist legends being one of the most secret dreams.
Leading destinations: Chicago, Springfield, Jefferson City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Flagstaff e Los Angeles.
Suggestions: to totally lose into the continent history, we suggest to ride the Old Trails Road, the last part where Route 66 goes ahead for 30 miles from Boston to Victorville, crossing Lenwood, Helendale and Oro grande. After Victorville we recommend also Cajon Pass and San Bernardino.
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From Los Angeles to San Francisco, “El Camino Real” is the federal road part near the railway and it was built by the Spanish colonists a long time ago.
Leading destinations: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Josè and the cities of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

From Seattle to Miami the Old trail to the beach crosses the north-west area, the big American plains and the USA deep South.
Leading destinations: Seattle, Portland, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone Park, Nebraska, Atlanta, Florida, Orlando, Miami Beach.

At Mexican Hat South-west the Hwy 163 crosses the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Monument Valley. Sand dunes long stretches stand out against a blue and clean sky, background of the red rock “mesas”: the typical western movies rock formation.
Leading destinations: Kayenta, Monument Valley, Halchita, Mexican Hat, Bluff.

The west coast is characterized by beaches, surfers, megalomaniac cities and moreover by the natural splendour of the most famous parks like the Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and the monument Valley.
Leading destinations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco are the classical ones that cannot miss in a USA west coast tour, but also Racetrack Playa on the Death Valley, the Mono Lake on the Mono County (California) and the Fly Geyser on the Washoe County (Nevada) are worth to be visited.

The Atlantic coast includes some of the American most famous and popular cities, and also a jadded and suggestive seaboard, a bucolic nature and wonderful holiday resorts.
Leading destinations: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Charleston, Savannah, Orlando, Miami.

Music lovers can arrange an alternative itinerary to lose themselves into the USA musical culture.
Leading destinations: Cleveland, that holds the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame; Chicago, the blues homeland; St Louis, The Jazz city and Memphis, Elvis homeland and important recording studios as well as Gibson brand and soul museums seat.

Do your customers love mysteries? If they have several days at disposal they can visit Nevada: one of the less densely populated State. Destined to American army trainings to test various kind missiles, Nevada includes also a vast desertic and full of mistery area at north of Las Vegas. It’s the seat of the famous and most secret Area 51 and of the incredible “extraterrestrial highway” (US Highway 375), well-known for its many UFO sighting. Actually the 50 Highway is not so congested: it is the most solitary road of the world that crosses Nevada State from east to west.
Leading destinations: Reno, Fallon, Sand Montain, Austin, Eureka, Ely.

Cultural USA

  1. Gettysburg National Military Park – Gettysburg
    Museum devoted to the most bloody American civil war that ended in Gettysburg city.
    Find accommodations in: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  2. Harvard University – Boston
    Yes, it’s open to be visited!
    Find accommodations in: Boston, Massachussets
  3. USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park – Honolulu
    Museum that commemorates Pearl Harbor facts and USS Bowfin submarine marine life. It is close to the Arizona Memorial.
    Find accommodations in: Honolulu, Arizona
  4. Colonial Williamsburg – Williamsburg
    An American colonial city reconstruction, with American Independence war expositions and dozens of authentical and carefully rebuilt edifices.
    Find accommodations in: Williamsburg, Virginia
  5. Old Sturbridge Village – Sturbridge
    Living museum: a museum that recalls not only objects and buildings of an historical period but also lifestyles and facts of a specific one. The Old Sturbridge Village represents early XX century rural villages life in New England, with 59 old buildings, 3 watermills and operative farms.
    Find accommodations in: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
  6. Strawbery Banke Museum – Portsmouth
    Open-air museum in Portsmourg historical district. It is the oldest neighborhood of New Hampshire settled by the Europeans. 10 houses are opento the public to show the original furniture of the past.
    Find accommodations in: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Destinations for music and shows lovers

  1. Sun StudioSun Studio – Memphis
    Historical recording studio founded by Sam Phillips producer in 1950, Icon for rock and roll as well as country and rockability lovers.
    Find accommodations in: Memphis, Tennessee
  2. Graceland – Memphis
    Elvis Presley majestic property where the artist lived and he is interred.
    Find accommodations in: Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Broadway Avenue
    One of Manhattan oldest street, Broadway Avanue is known as the American theatrical industry core. It has more than 40 theatres and we recommend to visit Theater District and Lincoln Center.
    Find accommodations in: New York City, New York
  4. Universal Studios Hollywood – Hollywood
    Film studio and thematic park half an hour away from Los Angeles. It is possible to visit already produced movies sets and to attend shows.
    Find accommodations in: Universal Studios Hollywood (landmarks), Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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