USA: one continent, many trip typologies (part 1)

Monday, 21 December 2015

This time we talk about USA, popular Country but never banal.

USA attracts worldwide generations because it’s an imaginary territory from infinite points of view. They are the homeland of unforgettable movies, special landscapes, dreaming and living desire, of an extremely characteristic and patriotic lifestyle. This is the USA image that hits many tourists. If you want to offer good solutions with competitive budgets and let your customer proceed in autonomy… you are reading the right article! For each trip typology we have selected the leading destinations and activities to propose!

In this issue we will talk about:

  • Destinations for metropolitan tourism lovers
  • Lost into the nature
  • Top4 Entertainment Centers
  • Top4 Destinations for sport lovers

Destinations for metropolitan tourism lovers

Boston, also called “America’s cradle”, it’s the city from where the founding fathers started the independence fights. Easy to visit, Boston represents the New England most important commercial, industrial and cultural centre. The weather can be defined temperate: very hot summers and plentiful rains during all seasons.
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Chicago rises on the Michigan lake coasts and it is the Usa biggest interland metropolis. It is famous for its cultural beauty: architecture, draw-bridge, skyscrapers, museums, universities, theatres and chorus orchestra are the city leading attractions. It’s the Chicago Bulls, Jazz and Blues homeland.
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Founded in 1896, Miami has a mild weather all year long and it offers to its tourists infinite activities beyond the very white and wide beaches with any category hotels. Beyond visiting the city it is useful to remind that Miami is the starting point to go to the near Keys islands: an archipelago of 1700 islands and islets all connected by a wonderful motorway that crosses the ocean with the Seven Mile Bridge.
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From hippie symbol city and the ’60s young counter-revolution one to pulsating hearth of a cultural rebirth driven by art and design. This is San Francisco’s history, the American most liberal city and also one of the most famous in the world USA West Coast symbol. Called “City on the bay” in San Francisco coexist charme, elegance, alternative culture, good cooking, fascinating and spacious natural sceneries.
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We need few words to describe New York City: dynamism, eclecticism, innovation and ferment. If your customers love destinations like these, choosing New York you’ll surely satisfy them!
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The great Elvis Presley sang “Viva las Vegas”. The city of many lights and infinite extravagances. Excess and transgression city, where everything is possible.
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Los Angeles does not have a real centre because it’s the result of 88 neighborhoods, among the most famous ones there are Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Malibu. Real cities in the cities. Los Angeles, multiethnic, chaotic and vibrant metropolis, is a real trend, inventions and fashions place. An always-in-movement city that offers many interesting ideas.
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Besides still partially hit by Katrina hurricane, New Orleans has been largely rebuilt. Originality, excellent cooking and music. Guitar and sax musicians, tip tap dancers, street artists. Not be entirely tranquil, New Orleans enjoy its multiethnicity results: buildings, shops, patios, balconies and corners show a culture and races mixture that fascinates the most adventurous tourists.
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USA federal capital, Washington DC is the American policy hearth. Once arrived in the city it can be visited on foot, with the subway (one of the most modern in the world) or with a touristic little train that goes around the Capital. A dive into the American story and a look at the Country’s future.
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Lost into the nature

Among the American marvels National parks cannot miss. If your Customers are looking for immense, mysterious, surprising natural landscapes, USA parks can satisfy them.
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Top4 Entertainment Centers

  1. Magic Kingdom Theme Park
    Thematic park inside Walt Disney World
    City: Orlando, Florida
    Nearest destinations: Bay Lake
  2. Six Flags Great America
    City: Chicago, Illinois
    Nearest destinations: Gurnee
  3. Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park
    City: Dallas, Texas
    Nearest Destinations: the park is placed between Las Colinas and Preston Hollow neighborhoods, few kilometers away from Dallas Love Field Airport.
  4. Olympic Jumping Complex e Lake Placid Olympic Sport Complex
    City: New York City
    Nearest destinations: the olympic centres are placed in the Lake Placid and Whiteface mountain area.
    Attractions particularly suggested for sport and snow lovers.

Top4 Destinations for sport lovers

  1. MGM Grand Garden Arena of Las Vegas
    One of the most magic places where important and spectacular boxing matches are played.
    City: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Find accommodations in: Las Vegas
  2. Grand Teton National Park ski runs
    Perfect destinations to ski.
    State: Wyoming
    Find accommodations in: Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Pinedale
  3. Rafting on the Columbia River
    State: Oregon
    Find accommodations in: Hood River, Portland, Grants Pass
  4. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
    Sturgis is a tranquil South Dakota city that, every year, is invaded by worldwide bikers.
    State: South Dakota
    Find accommodations in: Sturgis

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