Focus on Iceland: the land of ice and fire

Friday, 17 June 2016

Water and fire are the utmost opposed elements, but they live in a very balanced way in Iceland, where all is simple, slow… natural. Welcome to this new Focus on Destination, all devoted to a very popular Country over the last years: Iceland and its most beautiful areas.

Back to land

In this article we would like to talk about the sensations that make a trip to Iceland so unique and unrepeteable. It’s with these feelings that your clients shoud be ready to go, without limiting themselves to what they see online but rather they should expect a surprising island, where holy and profane are sensibly joined without comparisons, and at its centre there is the human being with his naturalness.

The trip to Iceland starts even before the airplane lands: flying over the skies of the Arctic polar circle, in fact, wide multitude of glaciers, lava flows, craters, geysers and mud lakes can be seen. And it’s here that becomes evident that the nature represents the leading feature of the Country and the man can live together with it only setting himself up to the dark coastal area. In Iceland there are around 323.000 inhabitants that became independent from the Danish government only after the II World War. They live a simple and peaceful existence, mainly devoted to touristic and fishing activities. There are those who hunt sharks whose flesh feeds the Country people, there are those who produces geothermic energy thaks to the important volcanic activity and the magma coming out, there are those who practise sports playing handball (the National sport) or those who play golf under the midnight sun (yes, the midnight sun, it’s not a mistake).
Descending from the Vikings and always in contact with the nature, Iceland people tell elf and wars stories without so much formalism and few opportunities for opposing opinions. And it’s possible through its museums, its open air finds and Egil Saga centenary tale, the story of an Iceland farmer that first bacame a Viking and then a court poet. the Egil Saga was written in the first centuries of 1000 A.C. and still today Egil is a mythological character, extremely considered all over the island.

Iceland’s places to visit

Reykjiavik is the most northern capital and it represents the touristic, economic as well as cultural centre of all the island. The airport is in Keflavik, few kilometers away, and here there are the most important attractions:

  • Reykjiavik 871+/-2, the National museum of history and technology.
  • Hallgrimskirkja, the Lutheran church 74,5 meters high: its cupola allows to admire all the city view.
  • Blue Lagoon, the most visited geothermal area. In general all thermal pools of Iceland have a recreational function: the inhabitants go there to chat and play with children.

South-east area is famous for its Golden Circle, where there are Thingvellir National Park, The Great Geysir’s geyser and Gullfoss waterfall.

On the other hand until now the Western area has been not so much considered from a touristic point of view, also if it’s just two hours away from the Capital and it has a savage natural park (the Snæfellsjökull National Park), made by glaciers, geysers, volcanos, waterfalls and fields suitable for horse-rides. The leading city is Borgarnes, the leading commercial centre of all Western area.
In 2016 the entire travel world expects that also this area becomes popular among tourists, increasing more the exponential growth of the Country’s economy.

6tour + Iceland
n. available hotels: 720

n. cities reached by 123

Top5 cities

  1. Reykjavík
  2. Vík
  3. Hella
  4. Keflavík
  5. Höfn
Top3 minor destination (…yes, you can book them on

  1. Sprengisandur
    Area with a long road way between South and North, accessible only by 4WD vehicles during the summer period. Sprengisandur is the 250 km route, mostly desert, and it can be travelled in autonomy or by bus. Halfway of the track there is a little oasis with a shelter to stay.
  2. Grindavík
    Little district with 2000 inhabitants in the Country South-West area. Not so far from it there is the Blue Lagoon geothermic watering place: its fiery-hot waters come from the close generating station of Svartsengi.
  3. Skogar
    Small village of South Iceland. A very suggestive element in this locality is the wonderful waterfall of Skógafoss.

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Iceland tourism economy

It’s since some years that cinema industry has become aware of Iceland big charm potentialities. Last movies are enchanting the entire world also thanks to infinite landscapes, not undermined by men because of their arduous conditions. Two examples: The Game of Thrones and Batman Begins.

Useful links

As every “Focus on destination”, we close our article on Iceland with some links for further information.
We think they could be useful!



Citizens of the listed Countries do not need a visa to travel in Iceland. The permanence in Schengen area cannot overcome three months every six months.


Toristic offer

Iceland’s official website, with itineraries suggestions and multimedia contents.


Problems in Iceland? Ask to Guðmundur!

The most Anglophone people can take part to this bizzarre but totally in line with Iceland lifestyle initiative. Guðmundur Hangout is an human search engine, where all the people can ask for information about the island and its inhabitants are ready to answer and to give support in case of need. It is possible to connect though the leading social media, asking questions directly on the official pages of the project.

Attend tourism classes with “Ispired by Iceland”

For those who speak English is even easier to move around Iceland in autonomy, and the Tourism Institution has thought to design the “Ispired by Iceland” project. In Iceland Academy virtual school entertaining and educational videos are broadcasted: they highlight the right behaviours to adopt for a responsible tourism in the Country, from the best behaviour to have in case of terminal puddles to advices about food, safety, festivals, nature and much more.

Video Gallery

7 mind-blowing facts about Iceland

A tourist experience.

The sound of Iceland

A tourist tells his trip to Iceland through sounds, images and colors of the landscape. One of the most original way to talk about the island and its heritages.

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