Family trip: the other challenge of Travel Agents

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Children have a great influence on a trip-style and a travel Agent has often to combine different needs: it’s better to focus on children tastes? Do parents want to visit places where their sons could bore? Do grandparents take part to the trip as well?
If for couples trips the Travel Agent has to consider some important aspects, in case of families he always asks himself how to generate that “wow” effect able to satisfy both adults and children.

In this article we will suggest the best destinations for families but we don’t want to generalize: it could not be so useful. We’ve decided to divide advices and destinations according to the most common familiar questions that could appear in Agency.

Pregnancy travel, where to go?

In case of pregnant women fond of travelling the only obstacle could be their health. There are no “better” destinations to suggest to pregnant women but rather some aspects can influence the trip:

  • flight: many airline Companies impose restrictions for women during their third pregnancy trimester. These limitations can depend on the route (long-haul or short haul) and also on the pregnancy’s weeks. After the 28 pregnancy weeks, moreover, it’s better to ask for the doctor confirmation if it’s possible to travel by plane. If there are no controindications it’s better to drink a lot, to move often and to wear relaxing stockings (expecially for long routes).
  • insurance: insurance policies change according to the destination. For example, for trips in Europe insurances cover the majority of possible problems, it’s enough to have the medical chart to ask for the public Healthcare intervention. It happens differently for trips to Australia, where there’s no insurance for women that travel for intercontinental flights during the third pregnancy trimester. Possible interventions could be very expensive.
  • necessary vaccinations: it seems banal, but due. For pregnant women vaccinations are not recommended, even more if the trip is in Countries at risk of yellow fever and malaria.

Little children: where is better to travel with them?

Disneyland, Rovaniemi, theme parks and sea destinations are the first attractions that parents think about and, obviously, the most popular ones. We would also like to suggest some other suitable destinations for children:

  1. Toronto, Canada. For children liking school, quiz and documentaries, probably the perfect trip is the cultural one. Architecture, cooking and history are the leading features of Toronto. One of the most entertaining activity to do with children is to take part to Bad Dog Theatre Company improvisation lessons: laughs are guaranteed!
  2. Gand, Belgium. In addition to Bruxelles, Gand is an authentic Flemish city. Its historical centre, the greatest of the Country, is completely pedestrian, accessible on foot or by bicycle. Differently, for a less tiring visit there are many boats for tours through canals. We recommend also the visit of Gravensteen Castle: even if it’s not suitable for strollers, a cavalier will take all the family towards the Castle stairs and children can sit on the King’s throne.
  3. Bushmills, Ireland. Ireland is an extremely welcoming Country and in Bushmills children can admire the Giant’s Causeway, a naturally rocky outcrop on the North-East coast. Natural columns with hexagonal, square and octagonal base emerged 60 years ago after an eruption. The legend tells that the Gaint Finn McCool built the causeway to walk until Scotland and to fight against anothet Gaint, Angus.
  4. Java and Bali, Indonesia. If children love puppets, the shadows theatre is the correspondant Asian version. Beyond admiring a culture different from the Western one, along the streets you can admire these wonderful popular shows that tell myths and legends. Dolls made by leather are animated using wands: the story is projected on a cloth using the shadows of these dolls.
  5. Rome and Florence, Italy. Old Romans, gladiators, good food, legends and stories are the leading elements of Roman and Florentine athmosphere. The majority of museums are open-air, really appreciated by childern.
  6. Quintana Roo, Mexico. Those fond of sea and nature can enjoy relaxing and underwater activity in Sian Ka’an, a Caribbean’s coasts reserve made by white sands, bays and mangrove. The underwater activities let also to explore the second greatest barrier reef of the World.
  7. Williamsburg, USA. Colonial Williamsburg is the city’s historical district and it offers a dive into the American history, made of founding fathers and civil wars. The visit of Great Hopes Plantation, the reconstruction of a typical farm city of XVIII century. Everything is like the past: clothes, lifestyle, corporate systems, way of talking, buildings, landscapes and daily activities. A very interesting attraction for adults and children.
  8. London, UK. Adults, children and teenagers like London. You never make a mistake in choosing it: it’s tourism evergreen. For children the offer is increasing: many theme-tours are created, for example those in the film set of Harry Potter or the discovery of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.
  9. Las Vegas, USA. Yes, you’ve read correctly. The sin city offers many attractions to children: playgrounds, adventures, shows. All the things that children look for amusing themselves.
  10. Norway. In this Country nature, legends and stories are intertwined. Tourists can go on safari to see the polar lights, to visit fjord, to go skiing, to visit the Viking Ship Museum. All attractions are organized in an extremely educational way also for the little ones.

These destinations can be an idea for your customers, suggesting to involve also their childern to express their expectations you can build the itinerary that satisfies more all the family members. Travelling with children not necessarily implies that the trip is created only according to childern needs: everyone should have his space, even more if also the grandparents go. It’s here that a travel agent becomes the perfect hero to solve the situation.

Teenager sons, how do they have fun travelling with their parents?

Many teenagers dream to spend the whole summer with their friends and their first loves. That’s why many ones hope in a short-term holiday to come back as soon as possible to their “new” life. A trip with adolescent sons is the perfect moment for parents to take their couple identity back, proposing to their sons destinations where they can feel quite free sharing, in part, the so-called “adult things”. For a family like this the best trip is to an unconventional destination characterized by adventure, relax and fun. Here below some ideas:

  1. Florida Keys, Florida, USA. For those fond of immersions we recommend this archipelago of 1700 islands one-hour away from Miami. Golden sands, crocodile meat to taste and the possiblity to immerse until admiring Christ’s statue underwater. For even stronger emotions it is possible to swim with dolphins or get in boats with glass bottom, useful to observe closely marine creatures.
  2. Valencia, Spain. The city offers culture, fun and good food. Free tours on foot represent a perfect way to keep all them involved ed informed without spending more money.
  3. Barcelona, Spain. Wonderful parks, great walks, beaches and beautiful monuments. This year Spain is one of the most popular and suggested destination and Barcelona is a top-fun city. There are clubs always open, discounts available for young people for the leading attractions, water-sports, paraglider and hang-glider. Are you already imaging the sparkling eyes of your teenager clients, is it true?
  4. Safari in South Africa. Safari is an experience for everybody: what you can see at the zoo has nothing to do with reserve’s savage reality. A dive into biology’s books, but also in the African brightness, that of safe areas obviously.
  5. Washington DC, USA. The best musicals, shows, arts, concerts, but also museums, history and clubs can characterize a family trip to Washington DC. A cosmopolitan city with history’s cham and the American avantgarde.
  6. New York City. Here you make the right choice: maybe only a new yorker teenager would not spend here his summer holidays. We recommend city tours by bicycle or by rollerblade, modern-art museums, concerts in the theatres and the visit to the best street food, admiring the best street art works.
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Just two words to persuade a teenager to go: pub and entertainment. Edinburgh is a wealthy city, smaller than Glasgow but with a without comparisons history. All the people fascinated by Gothic and Scottish style would remain extremely impressed!
  8. San Francisco, USA. Many attractions for all the family members: Alcatraz, the Science Academy, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Union Square, and many others. The whole family will feel to be inside one of its American favourite films.

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