The best cold destinations for the winter season

Friday, 13 January 2017

Cold, snow and ice can get everyday life slower, but they can also be elements of strong attraction. They are for lovers of skiing, hiking and other winter sports of course, but also for those who want to enjoy the unique atmosphere that only winter can create.

Today we talk about the winter season and the best destinations where cold makes them unique and suggestive.

In winter, some locations are even more enchanting. This is because of bluish skies and sunsets that tinge with blue and pink the snow-covered peaks and roofs. This is because of the ice, which in the form of stalactites decorates palaces, monuments and anything else along his way. Put the streetlights, shops and pubs, and here that, they turn as cities and towns full of magic.

As the politician John Garland Pollard loved to say, ice is “the water that remained out in the cold and fell asleep.” Just think of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, fountains in a city or a frozen small town.

Some of the cities that, in winter, acquire a great charm are Berlin and Munich in Germany, Wien and Salzburg in Austria, Lausanne and Basel in Switzerland, Lyon and Bordeaux in France, Bolzano, Trieste and Brescia in Italy.

About Brescia, here is some interesting news. The Castle of the Lombard city from 11 to 15 of February 2017 will host the first International Festival of Lights. “The Festival offers a route between light installations, shows and live performances that will lead the visitors through the history of the castle and the city”, informs the tourism portal of the City of Brescia. “The main theme will be the Fire: the fire of the Celtic tribes campfire, the fire of the Spirit that animates the Saints Patron Faustino and Jovita who appeared on the walls to save the castle and the city in 1438, the fire of the siege leaded by Federico II in 1238 and the Sack of Brescia in 1512, the one of the weapons of the heroic resistance of the Ten days in 1849, the fire of the industrial revolution.

For athletic customers

pexels-photo-38082We remain in Italy, but with an eye to the snow lovers, the classic reference location is Cortina d’Ampezzo. Three ski areas connected by a free ski bus service, for a total of 115 km of ski slopes. The offer is wide even for the so-called Slons (Snow Lovers No Skiers), those “who love to live the mountain in a slow mode, even without skiing”, highlights the Local Tourist Office.

Another reference location is Madonna di Campiglio, in whose territory it is possible to practice frozen waterfall climbing. Specifically, they are worth trying climbs the falls of Val Brenta, Vallesinella, Nardis and Lares, advises the Tourist Office of Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena.

For the climbers central Europe is also recommended and especially the Savoie Mont Blanc region. Here you can reach La Cascade de Glace of Champagny-en-Vanoise, village-resort linked to the French town of Aime La Plagne, to climb an ice tower 24 meters high. Aime La Plagne is also a paradise for skiers, thanks to a ski area boasting 220 km of ski slopes.

For relax lovers

pexels-photo-42078Finally we go back to Italy, with the last two ideal destinations if you are with customers who, in winter, do not want to give up the research of wellness and relax: Montecatini Terme, with hot water from springs Rinfresco, Tettuccio, Regina and Leopoldine that flows from the underground, and Sirmione, with thermal water that originates from Boiola, Catullo and Virgilio springs with a constant temperature of 69°.

Here your customers will be warm, even though surrounded by the cold.


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