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Friday, 01 September 2017

Let’s talk about gastronomic experiences and about the pleasure of enjoying a good trip, especially that of savoring excellent desserts in the bakeries of Seattle (USA), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Bruxelles (Belgium), Paris (France) and Bologna (Italy).

Drinking and eating are not only primary necessities, because food and drinks also bring with them different aspects, such as the cultural, social, religious or emotive meaning. Just think about the petite madeleine dipped in the tea from Marcel Proust*, who makes him remember his childhood in Combray, in France.

Here’s a curiosity about the petite madeleine: between the variants of this soft shell-shape dessert, maybe the most famous is the one in Commercy (France). As Atout France, the Agency for the French Touristic Development, says, it was originally prepared around 1750 in the kitchens of the king Stanislas Leszczynski’s castle, the Duke of Lorraine, by a baker named Madeleine.

It’s from Paris that we start our trip. Atout France helps us by suggesting the best bakeries in the Ville Lumière. You can find them in the section Sweets and cupcakes of the guide Paris Gastronomy. We also recommend the special edition The French pastry, edited by the Agency for the French Touristic Development too.


Let’s remain in Europe to reach Bologna, in Italy. The capital of the Emilia Romagna region boasts a very fine culinary tradition: it is no coincidence that Bologna is also called “la Grassa”, literally “the fat one”. This is, of course, due to the lasagna (layers of pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese), tortellini and tortelloni (small or big round pasta filled with vegetables or meat) and tagliatelle (strips of pasta usually cooked with tomato sauce), but to an excellent pastry, too: let’s just mention the Certosino di Bologna, the Panone or the Pinza Montanara, some typical Christmas desserts, the Torta di Riso and the Raviole of San Giuseppe.

Bologna Welcome, the official website for the touristic promotion of the city, dedicated a page to the puff pastry tradition. The Convention & Visitors Bureau of Bologna edits this page and you can find some of the best bakeries of Bologna in it, but, unfortunately, not all of them, because Bologna Welcome doesn’t offer a gastronomic guide such as the one in Atout France.


You can still discover the other best bakeries in Bologna by searching in the section Traditional Shop in Bologna Welcome and in the other websites and the blogs specialized in gastronomy.

You will notice that, in your research, you will always find the following names: Pasticceria Laganà, Gino Fabbri Pasticcere, Pasticceria Impero and Café Pasticceria Gamberini. Let’s write them down, then.

Let’s remain in Europe, but let’s go to Bruxelles, the capital of Belgium. In 1912, Jean Neuhaus invented there the chocolate sprinkles, «delicious chocolate shells that embrace a soft and everytime different stuffing: liquor flavoured, nuts flavoured, pistachio flavored, fruit flavored, coffee flavored…», as you can read on Visit Flanders, the official website for the promotion of the tourism in Flanders and Bruxelles.

Visit Flanders is a mine of information for who’s searching some gastronomic experiences with the chocolate as the lead star: you can find a guide on the Belgian chocolate’s brands and one on the best chocolateries and chocolate shops in Bruxelles and in the whole Flanders. You can also discover the labs and the tastings suggested by the National Touristic Authority of Flanders.


Another typical delicacy of the Belgian pastry is the gaufre, also called wafel or waffle, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, that could be plain served or also with some fruit or ice cream.

You can also discover coffee shops, bars or bakeries also through the section Eat&Drink on visit.brussels, the official website edited by the Agency for the Tourism in Bruxelles.

Let’s leave Europe to reach North America. The first stop is Toronto, in Canada, on the bakeries suggested by the experts of Travel+Leisure: Colette Grand Café, The Tempered Room, Dolcini by Joseph, Forno Cultura, Sud Forno, Tori’s Bakeshop, Bunner’s Bakeshop, Blackbird Baking Company, Brick Street Bakery, Nadege Patisserie and Butter Avenue.

See Toronto Now, the official website for the touristic promotion of the Canadian city, suggests to all the chocolate lovers MoRoCo, SOMA, The Chocolateria and the Toronto Chocolate Festival, that will go on for the whole month of November.


The second step is Seattle, USA. If you want to know which bakeries and specialized shops you can suggest to your clients, you can refer to the map developed by Eater, you can follow the advices of The Culture Trip and you can read the section Coffee & Sweets of Visit Seattle, the official website edited by the Organization for the touristic promotion of Seattle.

Let’s change the continent and let’s go to Asia to discover the baking tradition of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan: a tradition that includes the Pineapple Cake, the Mochi, the Sun Cakes, the Square Biscuits, the Brown Sugar Cake and the Ox Tongue Biscuits. You can taste and buy some delicacies in the bakeries listed in the section Eat & Shop of the official website Travel Taipei.


Let’s remain in the Far Orient, but let’s reach Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China. Between its typical desserts not to be missed, such as the Pineapple Bun, the Wife Cake, the Mango Pudding, the Ginger Milk Curd and the Snow Skin Mooncake, the crown jewel of Hong Kong is the Dan Ta, the Chinese little custard tart. You can discover other local desserts in the section Local Snacks in the official website Discover Hong Kong.


Regarding the Hong Kong’s bakeries, Travel+Leisure’s experts suggest Bake Cheese Tart, Cake’s Secrets, Fine Foods, Munchies, Tai Cheong, Teakha and Urban Bakery.

Let’s end our sweet travel in another continent. Let’s go to Oceania to stop in Melbourne, in Australia, a meeting point for different cultures, and even at the table there’s something tasty for everybody’s taste.

The official blog What’s On suggests the bakeries to refer to in Melbourne in its section Cafes; you can find additional information on Tourism Australia.

*Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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