Travelling for business, between technology and wellness

Friday, 15 September 2017

Technology and wellness is the perfect match that fits with the needs of people who travel for business, the so-called business travelers.

If it’s true that a quality mobile service, such as the Wi-Fi or an Internet access through mobile broadband, is a universal need even regarding the leisure context, it is also true that your business clients research structures that satisfy their needs of wellness.

The experts of Skift, the US Company based in New York specialized in media services and travel marketing, invited the hotels to bet on the wellness services directed to the business travelers.


This bet was based on the results of a survey conducted with the collaboration of American Express. There were two major results: for the 22,8% of business travelers, the physical activity was strictly bounded with the services provided by the hotels; for the 12,6%, the gym was the most important choice during the reservation.

Wellness means also sleep well, eat well, work well and have the possibility and the time to enjoy all the treatments that helps the well-being. That’s why some services that were previously associated almost exclusively with luxury travels, are now multiplying in hotels and in other kinds of accommodation solutions.

Furthermore, the term technology indicates not only the Wi-Fi or other solutions of Internet access, either at a fixed location or at mobile, but also apps and other services related to the productivity.


Therefore, when you deal with a business traveler, it’s better if you inform yourself about its wellness needs and the services related offered by the accommodation solutions.


Keep always in mind the bleisure trend, the desire to balance business and leisure that the so-called Millennials powerfully espress. If you want to learn more about the bleasure phenomenon, you can refer to the focus Extending Business Travel into Leisure Time, published by the Global Business Travel Association.

We also report an important element, useful to approach at best a business traveler that wants to match the leisure dimension to his trade travel: actually, the number of business travelers that want to meet their family at the end of their work commitment is increasing, so we suggest you to keep this point of view in consideration.

Moreover, we suggest you to pay attention to the corporate Travel Policy when you organize business travels for the employees of a company, either if it’s a big, a medium or a small one. We remind you that the Travel Policy is the combination of the procedures and the conditions that the staff of the establishment must respect before, during and after every business travel.


In general, a Travel Policy contains information regarding the suppliers (including the travel agencies), the standard and the budget’s limits for each hierarchical levels, the methods of payment, the refund procedures and the special ones for the security, the risk areas and the traceability.

Why a business traveler needs you

We want to end this focus with a question: why a business traveller should ask for your advices, with the increasing availability of self-booking instruments that provide hotels, flights and touristic services? Here are the reasons:

  • Because you can access to all the necessary information to choose the accommodation solutions, the flights, the transfers, car rental etc. that can satisfy at best the needs of the business travellers, even in case of some upgrades in progress
  • Because your experience, your knowledge and your connection of relations allow you to provide to the business clients all the inside information and to operate as best in case of emergencies
  • Because you remove from your business clients the tasks of the research, the reservation and the deal of possible setbacks and disruptions; moreover, you allow them to focus themselves on the targets of the business travel and to save time and energy (and money)

Enjoy the journey with6Tour!

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