Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

Friday, 24 November 2017

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Friendly old girl of a town
‘Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

So sang the American actor Danny Kaye in the movie Hans Christian Andersen (1952), focused on the life of the Danish writer (Odense Municipality, 2nd April 1805 – Copenhagen, 4th August 1875), famous worldwide for its fairy tales. Among the most popular, there’s The Little Mermaid (1837), to whom is dedicated a bronze statue at the Langelinje promenade and has become the symbol of the city of Copenhagen.


Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) is one of the ten most visited attractions of Copenhagen, according to the list published by the National Danish Authority for Tourism:

Tivoli Gardens

Official website: Tivoli


«Tivoli has entertained people since its opening, in 1843 […] It’s a lovely mix of carousels, attractions, performances and culture that make it perfect for both adults and children. Tivoli is an oasis of fun also on Halloween and Christmas».

Dyrehavsbakken (The Animal Park’s Hill)

Official website: Bakken


«It’s the world’s oldest amusing park [it was founded in 158, Edit], it is situated just outside Copenhagen, immersed in a stunning natural park where you can find many deer and fallow deer».

Zoologisk Have (Copenhagen’s Zoo)

Official website: Copenhagen Zoo


We recommend you not to lose the Arctic Ring, «a microclimate recreated for the species that live at those latitudes», and the Elephant House, «designed by Sir Norman Foster»

Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark)

Official website: Den Blå Planet


The National Aquarium Denmark is «a unique experience to observe the most different marine species and to learn all the secrets of the sea».

Nationalmuseet (National Museum of Denmark)

Official website: Nationalmuseet


«Everything, literally everything on the Danish history in an historical building: the Prince’s Palace».

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

Official website: Rundetaarn


«It is situated in the center, it was an astronomical observatory used also by Tycho Brahe. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful observation point»

Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)

Official website: SMK


«It’s the biggest art museum in Denmark and it hosts collections of Danish and International authors of seven centuries»

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Official website: Glyptoteket


«Founded by Carl Jacobsen (industrialist of Carlsberg Beer), this museum hosts French art, sculptures, ancient art and a lovely winter garden»

Copenaghen hygge

Let’s move from the ten most visited attractions in Copenhagen, to the ten hygge things to do in the capital city of Denmark. «Hygge is a so Danish concept that you cannot translate it. Trying to explain it, let’s say that it means to create a cosy, warm and intimate atmosphere while enjoying the little pleasures of life, surrounded by the affection of the loved ones».

So, here’s the ten hygge things to do in Copenhagen, suggested by Visit Denmark:

  • A tour in one of Copenaghen’s canal
  • A picnic in the King’s Gardens
  • A beer in Nyhavn
  • Christmas in Tivoli Gardens
  • To eat a smørrebrød in the Restaurant Kronborg
  • A biking tour around the city
  • To go shopping in a vintage or an alternative shop
  • To have a break with one of Danish pastry
  • A walk along the Citadel
  • To discover Christianshavn

The smørrebrød is an open rye bread sandwich, rich of toppings, typical of Denmark and, more generally, of the Nordic gastronomy.


«Some time ago, the smørrebrød lost its fascination, until he came back in style thanks also to the Danish trend to focus on traditional dishes and ingredients». As well as on the restaurant’s menu, your clients could find it also on the stands of Copenhagen Street Food, the new market dedicated to the street food.

Our focus is finished. If you want to learn more about Copenhagen, in terms of history, culture, green areas, architecture, LGBT tourism, accessible tourism, places for lovers, tours for who travel with families and children etc., you can refer not only to Visit Denmark, but also to Visit Copenhagen.

Before saying goodbye, we want to point out the section Travel Trade on Visit Copenhagen, with useful sources to become also Copenhagen Specialist, and remind you that, even if a EU member, Denmark isn’t a member of the Economic and Monetary Union and, therefore, the Danish currency isn’t in euros, but in Danish krone.

Enjoy the journey with 6Tour!

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