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Friday, 02 March 2018

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, from a small fishermen village, named Edo, on the Honshū Island in the Kantō region, has become a metropolis with more than thirteen millions of people.

Political, economic and cultural center of the Land of the Rising Sun, Tokyo will host in 2020 the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, from the 24th July to the 9th August, and the 2020 Summer Paralympics, from the 25th August to the 6th September. The source to refer to is Tokyo 2020, the website of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, published in English, French and Japanese.


The Nipponese government counts on reaching the 40 million of foreign tourists precisely in view of the Tokyo Olympic Games. This isn’t a daring objective, if you think that in 2017 the foreign tourists who visited Japan were almost 29.000.000 (+19,3% than 2016), according to the statistics spread by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

Talking about sport, it’s obligatory to indicate that in 2019, for the first time in its history, Japan will host the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Between the locations, there is also Tokyo, where the opening match will take place. There’s also an official website dedicated to the Rugby World Cup in Japan: it’s Visit Japan 2019, published in English, French and Italian.


Before explaining the sources dedicated specifically to Tokyo, we want to indicate other three projects signed JNTO:

  • Enjoy My Japan, the new website for European, North American and Australian travellers
  • Travel Japan, the updated website in English for a global public
  • Visit Japan, the website for European travellers with video, interactive contents and interviews

So, here’s to the reference sources specifically about Tokyo, that starts from Go Tokyo, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau official website.

If you want to find more information about the territory, the climate, the transports, the postal services and telecommunications, the useful phone numbers in case of emergency, the free hotspot Wi-Fi etc., you can refer to the section Traveller Info. However, regarding the Wi-Fi access points, the most complete source is Free Wi-Fi & Tokyo, edited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Here’s an advice, that applies to Go Tokyo as to all the other websites that we indicated and that we will report during this year: always open the website map, so you will see at a glance all its sections and you could immediately select the ones that you are interested in.

Another very useful and well-conceived Go Tokyo section is Tokyo Navigator. There, you could find information, advices and links to other sources about:

  • Tokyo in spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Local* and international gastronomy
  • shopping
  • direct experiences to know the Japanese traditions and culture
  • outdoor activities
  • Tokyo cruises
  • architecture

*washoku, the Japanese cuisine, is World Heritage Site.



Tokyo Navigator opens the door to the knowledge of Tokyo and Japan; thanks to it, you can:

  • know better Tokyo and Japan history and traditions
  • enjoy nature
  • admire the city lights
  • know anime, manga and pop culture
  • discover the onsen (spa resorts and hot springs)
  • haven fun with family

The other two sections of Go Tokyo that could help you to build your clients trip with them are Recommended paths and Where to go. The first describes paths «designed for first-time visitors and tourists who wish to cover the major attractions of an area in a short amount of time», as JNTO explains. The second describes the peculiarity of each area.

Another useful tool is the cevents, exhibitions and festivals calendar.

Before saying goodbye, we want to report also the online training program Japan Travel Specialist, developed by JNTO and dedicated to the travel agents that want to become Japan Certified Expert.

Apart from Italy, the program is also active in Australia, USA, Canada and United Kingdom. The links to refer to for the Australian, British, American and Canadian agents are indicated in the section Tools for Industry in Japan Travel.

Enjoy your work!

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