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Friday, 22 June 2018

The beer history is an age-old one. It starts in Mesopotamia, the fertile region bathed by the Euphrates and the Tigri rivers, correponding to the current Iraq and to some parts of the current Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran. It’s actually in Iran that, about 7.000 years ago, beer has been produced for the first time, according to some chemical tests on ancient pottery jars, as we can read on Wikipedia under History of beer.

The history of brewing is a thousand-year-old one. On the other hand, the attention of the scientists and to the insiders towards the beer tourism is more recent. There are few studies that focus the attention on beer, instead of the ones regarding gastronomy, street food itself, and wine tourism.

It’s more recent, but it’s a close one, thanks especially to the increase in every part of the world of craft productions and independent breweries, more and more appreciated by the travellers and the enthusiasts. It’s a trend well demonstrated by the speaker of the Food Tourism Day, a day dedicated to wine and food tourism organized in occasion of the 2018 edition of BIT.


It’s Roberta Garibaldi who coordinated the events, manager of the Tourism Lab in the Bergamo University, member of the IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) committee and councilor of World Food Travel Association.

«The discovery of local beer productions is increasingly a reason for travelling», as the expert specified. «For example, in the USA, the 20% of enotourism tourists moved at least once in the last years to live an experience related to this theme. In the USA, as in Italy, the experience concerns both Millennials and the previous generations».

«The evidence that the beer may be a mean of touristic promotion for a locality or a city, is proved by the experiences and by the numbers of events such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Tour de Geuze in Flanders, the Beer Week in the America cities», said Maurizio Maestrelli, journalist and director of the Milan Beer Week and also a speaker of Food Tourism Day.IMG-ART134-2

«In Italy there are by now almost one thousand independent breweries: they have the appeal of craftsmanship, the research of selected ingredients, the manual labour that put the person first, in order to offer to the potential visitor a fascinating experience», as Maestrelli continued.

Between the most useful searches to better understand the reasons and the many forms of beer tourism, we suggest you Beer tourism – from theory to practice (Károly Róbert University, Eger, Hungary). Concisely, the authors (Zoltán Bujdosó and Csaba Szűcs) affirm that it’s possible to identify two distinct groups of beer tourists:

  • The travellers that move principally to taste new beers, to sample menus that pair ad hoc beer and food, to travel along beer roads, to take part in beer weekend and even enjoy SPA treatments based on beer
  • The travellers that move principally to visit a specific destination related to beer in a certain way


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