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Friday, 03 August 2018

Helsinki has a population of 635.000. «A modern European people-friendly city», as you can read on Visit Finland, the website edited by the Finnish Tourism Authority. In 2017, the capital city of Finland exceeded, for the first time, 4 million overnight stays.


If you look at the region of Helsinki, that includes, through the other cities, also Espoo, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Vihti, Hyvinkää, Tuusula, Kerava and Järvenpää, there have been almost 5 million and 300.000 overnight stays.



Through the 4 million stays registered in Helsinki, about 1 million and 900.000 is attributed to the local market, while about 2 million and 250.000 to the foreign one. Almost the totality of stays – 3 million and 937.000 – has been spent in hotel.


Referring to the foreign visitors, and still talking about the overnight stays in the hotels of Helsinki, in 2017, the first ten Countries of provenance were Russia, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, China, France, USA, Japan, Netherlands and Estonia.








Helsinki strenghtened also its attractiveness as a MICE destination: 72.000 visitors took part in 367 meetings of international associations, hosted in 2017 by the Finnish capital city. Moreover, it’s important to notice that the 47% of overnight stays registered last year in the hotels of Helsinki were due to business travellers.


Regarding the institutional sources useful to learn more about Helsinki, as well as to Visit Finland you can also refer to My Helsinki: it’s the website published by Helsinki Marketing, a company owned by the City of Helsinki, and its contents are mostly edited by the so-called local.



Before saying goodbye, we want to report two sections in My Helsinki dedicated to the travel agencies and tour operator: the Helsinki Material Bank, with images, videos, brochures, maps and statistic, and the Helsinki Product Manual, available in English, German, Chinese and Japanese.


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Ps: if you have clients fond of tourism and architecture, it could be useful to know that the Alvar Aalto Foundation realized its website Visit Alvar Aalto, that allows you to identify all the pieces signed by the famous architect in Helsinki and in the rest of Finland.

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