Leonardo da Vinci left us (so much) 500 years ago

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Leonardo da Vinci left us 500 years ago at Amboise, a commune in the center of Indre-et-Loire department, a French region that dedicated to the Italian genius a programme of events that you can consult on the website Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019.

Leonardo da Vinci lived his last three years in France. He was born in Anchiano, a hamlet in the commune of Vinci, which today is part of the Metropolitan City of Florence. He always lived in Italy, before reaching France under the invitation of Francis I, King of France from 1515 to 1547. Specifically, he lived in Florence, Milan, Pavia, Mantua, Venice and Rome.


He left us 500 years ago and he left us so much, because Leonardo da Vinci was so much: «Painter, architect, engineer, designer, scenographer, musician, inventor, anatomist, geologist», as Italia.it begins actually in the focus Leonardo500. The Official Tourism Website publishes other two focuses on Leonardo’s character: Leonardo and science and Leonardo in Lombardy.


Leonardo’s destinations, in Italy, aren’t limited to Lombardy, as already disclosed. Above all, there are a lot of events and celebrations of da Vinci’s genius, in Belpaese and abroad, because his one was and is recognised worldwide and we can find his bequest everywhere.

Between the multiple sources that you can consult in order to make proposals to your clients, we point you out Leonardo da Vinci and his passion for archaeology (Four days journeying around Tuscany, between the Val di Chiana, Chianti and Maremma to learn more about the Genius’ studies) and Creativity and Genius: the places of Leonardo da Vinci (A journey to discover the great genius, through the lands of the Renaissance).

Another useful source, available in Italian language, are the articles about Leonardo da Vinci by Touring Club, among them we can find Where to see Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings worldwide. In the list, as well as La Gioconda and other paintings exposed at the Louvre in Paris, we can also find the Benois Madonna (Ermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia), the Lady with an Ermine (National Museum in Kraków, Poland) and the second version of The Virgin of the Rocks (National Gallery, London, United Kingdom).


Before saying goodbye, here’s another source: it’s Leonardo da Vinci: List of works, published on WikiArt. For each painting, you can also find where it’s exposed.

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