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Friday, 17 May 2019

For Scotland and, in particular, for the tourism industry, 2019 will be an important year. Actually, on the next 25th July, the Scottish Tourist Board will celebrate 50 years of activity. The Scotland’s national tourist board celebrated this goal through a timeline that recalls the major landmarks of the development of the Scotland’s touristic industry. The source is available only in English.

In addition, the section Research and insights, still in English and edited by the Scottish Tourist Board, highlights the Scotland’s touristic industry. More specifically, you will find interesting the subsections About our visitors and Trends, where there are available information regarding the profiles of travellers that choose Scotland as destination and the trends that emerge year after year.

Through the relevant news of 2019 in the Scotland’s touristic landscape, we report you the first itinerary dedicated to health and wellness, themes already exposed in the focuses on the European historical thermal towns and on business tourism.

In order to stay focused on all the news regarding the Scotland’s touristic offer, you can refer to the section Media Centre of the Scottish Tourist Board, published in English. Other useful sources are the multilingual blog and the section Travel Trade available in English.

Other tourism typologies we highlighted and that express themselves at best in Scotland regard the movie tourism and the road trips. Therefore, we want you to report also the sources Film & TV locations in Scotland and Driving and road trips in Scotland.

Scotland has a lot to offer also to the gastronomy and drinks enthusiasts, with the haggis and whisky, respectively the National Scottish dish and drink, for example. There are also many opportunities regarding the beer tourism: just take a look at the source Scottish beer & breweries to figure it out.

Before saying goodbye, here’s a last note. The Highlands and the Scotland’s isles result in the Top 10 Regions of the Best in Travel 2019 by Lonely Planet and Scotland is one of the 2019 destinations suggested by Travel and Leisure.

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