Oslo, the European Green Capital 2019

Friday, 14 June 2019

Oslo is the capital of Norway and also the European Green Capital 2019. Each year since 2010, a panel of expert judges have assigned the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) to a European city with at least 100.000 inhabitants, which reached high quality environmental standards and is actively involved in accomplishing more ambitious goals in terms of sustainable development.

In terms of the EGCA, Oslo followed Nijmegen, one of the most ancient cities of Netherlands; in 2020, it will make way for Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The other cities that won the Award are: Stockholm, Sweden (2010); Hamburg, Germany (2011); Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (2012); Nantes, France (2013); Copenhagen, Denmark (2014); Bristol, United Kingdom (2015); Ljubljana, Slovenia (2016); Essen, Germany (2017).


On the next 20th June, the award ceremony for the European Green Capital 2021 will take place in Oslo. This is one of the over 350 official events planned in Oslo on 2019, related to the title European Green Capital. By the way, Lahti (Finland), Lille (France) and Strasbourg (France) will compete for the prize.

Oslo is also considered the worldwide capital of electric vehicles, by virtue of the fact that, now, the 30% of all the vechicles sold in the city are electric ones. Within 2020, the Norwegian capital wants to reduce the emission of 50% and within 2050 longs to be zero impact.

Oslo isn’t just a synonym of green city, care for the environment and sustainable development. The Norwegian capital, for example, over the years, have become a reference point for the contemporary architecture enthusiasts and the LGBT community.

VisitOSLO, the multilingual website edited by the Oslo Visitor Centre, is full of information and useful suggestions in order to discover all the hints of the city and the surrounding territory. In order to know the numbers of Oslo and Norway regarding tourism, the website to refer to is Statistics Norway, specifically the section Transport and Tourism.

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