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Friday, 06 September 2019

The formal name of Buenos Aires is: Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CABA). Its nickname is: La Reina del Plata. Actually, the capital city of Argentina is situated on the banks of the Río de la Plata and also of Riachuelo or Río Matanza, a river that flows in Río de la Plata in La Boca, one of the most visited neighborhood of the city.

It’s a city that has more than 3 million inhabitants, according to the newest information published by the Dirección General de Estadística y Censos. In fact, at the end of 2019, the Paris of South America (another nickname of Buenos Aires) should have about 3.072.029 inhabitants. If we consider the so called Greater Buenos Aires instead, we can count about 15 million inhabitants.


In 2018, Buenos Aires and its surroundings hosted 2 million and 700.000 foreign tourists, according to the annual report published by the Tourism Authority of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.


The 27% of tourists that reached the Argentinian capital came from Brasil, the 17% from Europe, the 11% from the USA and Canada, the 11% from Uruguay, the 9% from Chile, the 18% from the other Countries in America, and the 7% from the rest of the world.


Referring to the purpose of the travel, the 48% of tourists who came to Buenos Aires and its surroundings on 2018 went for leisure reasons, while the 26% was for business reasons. The 20% of tourists who reached the Reina del Plata went to visit friends and relatives, the 6% went to Greater Buenos Aires for other reasons.


Regarding the overnight stays, the Tourism Authority of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires underlines that, in 2018, they have increased for each tipology of accommodation solution.

The institutional reference online source to learn more about Buenos Aires and stay connected about the incoming news is Travel Buenos Aires, published in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

You can also consult the focus on Buenos Aires edited by the Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística. Before saying goodbye, we want to report some sections of Travel Buenos Aires that provide information and ideas regarding some of the themes discussed on these pages.

The Reina del Plata is a destination to refer to for your clients that are theatre passionate: on the city we can count about 300 ones, including the majestic Teatro Colón. The Argentinian capital offers its best to whom loves music too; not only because of tango, born in Buenos Aires, actually, but also, among the others, because of the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival, programmed for November.

Buenos Aires will satisfy the street art passionate. Remember that the city has two itineraries for the street art: one for the pieces realized in the southern neighborhoods and another one for the pieces realized in the northern neighborhoods.


The Reina del Plata is also a gastronomic paradise (does the name asado say something to you?). Lastly, so to speak, we remind you that Pope Francis was born and lived in Buenos Aires and that the city boasts the first religious themed park, named Tierra Santa.

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ps: Also Diego Armando Maradona, to whom is dedicated a stadium (no, it’s not La Bombonera) and Jorge Luis Borges were born in Buenos Aires.

Note on the images: with kind permission of the Ente de Turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

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